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QFN standoff, industry standard

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 28 13:19:14 EDT 2019 | davef

There is no industry standard for BTC stand-off height. "IPC-7093A Design and Assembly Process Implementation for Bottom Termination SMT (BTC) Components" just finished "Final Draft for Industry Review" in December 2018. It mentions stand-off height

PCB Surface Cleaner

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 31 13:31:19 EDT 2011 | davef

We're not sure what a 'sticky roller' is, but will it: * Remove ionic materials * Leave no residue * Clean the walls of through holes and vias * Clean under low stand-off BGA and LGA

Has anyone heard of a no clean paste that can be cleaned in straight DI water ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 01 15:36:42 EST 2018 | davef

Not to be repetitious, I just don't remember if this has been said or not, I'm old, give me a break. Some people have found that DI water is too thick to properly remove flux residue under low stand-off components.

MLP (Micro Leadframe Package)

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 01 09:36:25 EST 2003 | davef

You're correct. There is no way you can aquous clean under a low stand-off part like a LGA. Your approach seems reasonable, given your constraints. [As long as your customer is paying, what the hey!!! Give 'em what they want.] Consider joining t

Re: washing BGA`s

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 11 05:32:31 EST 2000 | Dean

Your customers design and your process capability would determin this (W/S vs. noclean). EX. Can you clean adequately for low stand off components? I have some BGA products which operate at 20GHz (atenuation and cross-talk is off the charts. )No wa

Cleaning under LCC's

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 17 21:59:47 EDT 2006 | jovial_guy23

Hi Steve, I agree with you that cleaning under LCC's is often difficult but its not impossible. In order to clean the residues, the most important thing to consider is the right compatibility of the fluxes with the cleaning chemistry. There are seve

Using isopropanol with DI water for rinsing after washing boards

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 11 01:48:05 EST 2011 | julien

Thanks guys, But for the cleaning process we already have a chemical product to clean flux residues and other contaminant. But it seems that we can't rinse properly under low stand-off components and we find trace of our chemical under some ceramic c

Clean to No Clean Process

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 14 11:26:51 EDT 2010 | davef

Probably, you need to make the same presentation to your customer that you made to your boss when you proposed changing to low-residue fluxes. Hey boss [customer], here's what's GREAT about low-residue flux. Here's how we can: * Lower our unit cost

Need Expert Support

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 13 11:50:21 EST 2001 | gsmguru

Here is some general things I usually ask myself when having trouble with BGA's What type of BGA ? Pitch/Bump Dia etc. Smaller bumps sizes & tighter pitches require more attention. This also impacts stencil aperature design & paste selection. Was

PTH Cut Form Equipment

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 11 15:08:33 EDT 1999 | George Henning

I am examining cut & form PTH component prep equipment to help in our manual PTH insertion process. We need the ability to process both axial & radial with snap-in and stand-off capability. Low volume with the ability to feed bulk, T&R, or Stick. Any

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