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How low temperature solder joint can survive

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 08 15:49:10 EST 2015 | emeto

I bet you that the problem comes from the ENIG brittle solder joints. About low temperatures I think you can go to the absolute 0 and the device should still work.

How low temperature solder joint can survive

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 07 17:39:26 EST 2015 | duchoang

Additional info: I use SAC305 solder paste on Enig PCB.

How low temperature solder joint can survive

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 07 17:34:52 EST 2015 | duchoang

Customer puts our board to thermal test. Test cycle is -55c to 85c, repeat cycle in 15-20min. After 600 cycles, lot of TSOP joints are cracked, leads lifted. There are reasons such as thin PCB, mechanical impacts, warped PCB... My question is, how lo

Re: Wave soldering temperature

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 05 21:41:46 EST 1999 | chartrain

Temperature vs time is what soldering is all about. The faster you run your conveyor, the more heat will have to come from the pot for a given assembly. Example: You heat the board to 200F top side through the preheaters. Eutectic 63/37 melts at 361.

Solder bath temperature

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 14 01:00:47 EST 2017 | soldertraining

Soldering Bath - When we need to tin high-power contacts or a lot of wires, for example, in making harnesses, a regular soldering iron is either impossible to use due to the high thermal capacitance requirement, or takes way too long to perform the t

Re: Best reflow temperature

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 16 12:06:29 EDT 1999 | Scott S. Snider

| | | Hi, | | | | | | Can someone pls suggest to me the best reflow temperature setting | | | for a force air convection oven. The details is as follow. | | | 1) Heller 1700s | | | 2) 12 zone---6 top and 6 bot | | | 3) Solder paste --- Qualitek 691

microphoe low sensitivity

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 12 01:17:00 EDT 2020 | SMTA-64386317

Hi, I am facing high fall out of microphone low sensitivity issues. This microphone is soldering thru SMT soldering with low peak temperature profile which peak at 232 DegC to 240 DegC and have skipped X-Ray inspection but still seeing fall out espec

microphoe low sensitivity

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 14 01:17:40 EDT 2020 | SMTA-64386317

Data sheet allows of 250 DegC peak temperature and we are using below 240 DegC but still seeing high fal out. Manufacturer diagnose as BE charges loss due to heat. Hence, looking for anything extra could be done to minimize this defect. There is no w

microphoe low sensitivity

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 12 17:28:39 EDT 2020 | rgduval

Check the microphone data sheet to find out what the max temperature is...if it's not listed, call the manufacturer. Are you water-washing the board after assembly? Could be water intrusion/entrapment in the microphone. Again, check the data she

Seeking very low volume production reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 26 13:28:26 EDT 2006 | TMC

No problem . . . I have been throught this road before. Here is another heads up, if you ask for "thermal profile data" you can get the following: 1. a graph showing several thermocouples reading air rather than board temperature. 2. graph where e

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