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Vapor soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 30 15:51:06 EDT 2010 | ldavis

We are using an Asscon VP800 with Galden LS230 fluid. This is a batch machine but is working well in our high mix-low volume environment.

Pb free vapor soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 22 12:05:37 EST 2005 | Tony

Currently we are using a 2 step vapor soldering process to manufacture our std. lead soldered parts. The first step was done with a ls240 vapor fluid and the second was done with a ls200 fluid. Using a 221 deg C sn95/Ag5 solder for the first step a

Vapor (vapour) Phase?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 16 16:57:34 EDT 2008 | ldavis

We are using VP on all of our lead free assemblies. 1. We are getting great, very repeatable results. 2. The profiles were created during the implementation of the equipment and we only change 3 parameters for each assembly processed. Heater power,

Homebrew vapour phase...?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 14 08:50:56 EDT 2010 | whitewing

Just been quoted GBP500 for 5kg (2.7L) of Galden LS-230. Don;t know if the lower temp non-leadfree stuff is cheaper If anyone in the UK has a small qty they'd sell me for experimentation, (e.g. old non-leadfree stuff they no longer use) please get in


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