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Washing of Misprinted PCBs

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 28 14:00:21 EDT 2009 | kennyg

O.M.G. ! Its blue pad ! ...RE: O.M.G. ! Its blue pad !... or blue balls, assuming there are BGA's on the assembly

Washing of Misprinted PCBs

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 26 13:25:54 EDT 2009 | cyber_wolf

O.M.G. ! Its blue pad !

Mixing no-clean solder with activated

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 20 11:43:11 EDT 2001 | genny

M.G. Chemicals "Safety Wash Cleaner Degreaser". A primarily ethanol / methyl alcohol product. Part number "405". Brushes, Kim Wipes, or cotton swabs have all been used from time to time to apply it to the PCB.

Cleaning stencils after printing SMD adhesives

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 10 14:30:56 EDT 2001 | Claude Couture

We use Label& adhesive remover from M.G. Chemicals, cat. no.: 836-140g. It comes in spray can. Just spray and wipe.

Settting up conveyors for a SMT line....

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 12 16:20:01 EST 2003 | vortex

4'2'' should be enough, going any higher and your bound for large gaps between machine and conveyor. Its been awhile since I set any up but i'm sure that 4'2 will be enough but not too much. I'm sure I wrote down my exact measurments, if I come acros

QUAD 4C Laser problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 12 20:42:16 EDT 2013 | marcelorotofrance

Jorge: Nosotros tenemos una óptica 0KM embalada perteneciente a Martín. Se la dio a Bruno cuando palmó la nuestra, sin embargo el equipo nuestro tiene el otro modelo. Si querés pasala a buscar y la probás. Estoy seguro que es la solución al problema,

Removal of No-Clean flux residue

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 06 10:55:37 EDT 2001 | davef

saturation occurs at ppm levels. Remember, IPA is extremely flammable and its bulk use makes the plant liable to all sorts of quite repressive safety rules/regulations and so on. Ignoring these rules exposes the owner to fines and possible plant cl


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