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Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 18 08:00:01 EST 2019 | flyingprobe


iPulse M4e Pick and Place Machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 20 09:07:05 EDT 2005 | Mike

Hello, we are evaluating to purchase a new machine for our smt production. Our current favourites are Samsung SM320 or Yamaha/iPulse M4e Please let me know what you think about those machines. Best Regards Mike

ipulse M4e surface mount machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 09 16:04:56 EST 2007 | tiucric

Firstly , we are installing an ipulse m4e smt machine later this year. If any are being used in your production process please let me know just how good or bad the machine operates, any advance of information regarding problems : placement , nozzles

iPulse calibration

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 29 08:22:41 EDT 2018 | ushir

Hi all Does anyone here have any experience in calibration of iPulse machines? (M10, M20, M4, M7). We would like to correct camera and placement offsets. I believe this is done through AMF, but wanted a bit more information. Thanks

iPulse M4e Pick and Place Machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 21 08:03:40 EDT 2005 | Mike

Hello Darby, because of the machine configuration it depents very strong on the feeder configuration and on the board if the 3 heads more give you so much more CPH. Realistic it will only be 1-2000 CPH more in realistic operation. On the other hand

iPulse M4e Pick and Place Machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 20 20:48:54 EDT 2005 | darby

Mike, I was wondering why you are comparing a 6 head machine (Samsung) to a 3 head machine (i-Pulse). I sort of thought you would look at the M2 to compare to the SM320. Just curious. Darby.

i-PULSE placement systems

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 22 04:44:55 EDT 2006 | basem

We choose i-PULSE as our#1. However, we have concerns in regards to maintainance, reliability, and accuracy. High density, small form factor, and high performance products. If you think the M4Es can do the job for us, then let us know. Thanks, Bas


Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 22 05:28:55 EDT 2018 | rob

Good luck, get them to throw in P-Tools as well. Not seen it running with 12 heads, but know a fair few people with M2's & M4's and they rate them.


Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 18 08:39:40 EST 2019 | robl

Well..... So far we have learned the importance of the Caps Lock button, and that a fullstop and comma do not sit happily in tandem.


Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 18 16:30:32 EST 2019 | assuredtech

TREAD The tread of a tire or track refers to the rubber on its circumference that makes contact with the road or the....,

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