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AOI machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 17 05:23:00 EST 2015 | shahrat

I am planning to Bye Mirtek MV-7 omni AOI machine. Can anyone tell me what are the possible breakdown of this machine and how much stable machine is this. In terms of long run, False call. Can I check 0105 package by this machine? and also BGA IC ?

placement machine

Electronics Forum | Mon May 06 06:23:12 EDT 2002 | rahimi

hi i am looking for a machine that can assemble both bga and flipchip packages. thanks rahimi

wave machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 28 14:30:49 EST 2005 | glenda

Thanks Dave, The city is close to me and it would be convenient to go see the machine.

wave machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 28 12:30:57 EST 2005 | glenda

We are looking for a used or new wave machine must be able to do lead free solder. Does anyone have contact information in the Chicago, il area for used wave soldering machines? Thanks for any help we can get.

wave machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 28 15:09:56 EST 2005 | cardinal

Hi Glenda, I have 5 wavesoldering machines in stock. Electra, two Vectra's and Ultra Pak and a Sensby. I would be happy to work with you on your lead free application. We offer refurbished machines as well as lead free conversions for used wavesol

Unknown machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 26 16:01:04 EDT 2005 | jarisoltin

That machine came to us about 5-7 years ago! I'm trying to make it working again, but I need someone who knows something about it. I think that machine works well. Its as good as new, but i'm not sure about the software. When I try to run drill tab

AOI machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 01 22:10:55 EDT 2002 | ianchan

Hi mates, anyone has practical hands-on experience for the "Vectron" AOI machine, model: K2-AOI? appreciate any hands-on experiences shared on this issue. seeking everyone's comments +ve or -ve about this machine, based on its : 1) user-friendly f

SMD machine

Electronics Forum | Mon May 18 13:09:55 EDT 1998 | Edward P. Woldendorp, TwenTech

Wanted: by customer in the Netherlands: + used Zevatech PM575 SMD machine or comparable make and type having .4mm pitch and Vision. Capicity: 4,000 comp/hour will do. If available please give full configuration, age, location, asking price. Thank you

ACM machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 25 15:32:10 EDT 2005 | Dixen

Hallo I am looking for information from user of the machine ACM Micro Assembleon. I would like to know the adventages and disadvantages for operation, programming, placing etc. Thank you for any respond. Dixen

Unknown machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 12 14:12:40 EDT 2005 | Jari

HI! Does anybody know driller/miller called "Direct Imaging System II"? I have one, but its not working properly. I think that there is some corruption in software. All kinds of information about this machine is welcome: manuals, software, other user

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