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Comet Philips machine error

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 15 19:31:54 EST 2005 | eeltec

>I/OPERATION ==> >1/RUNNING ==> but any command that I try gives an E100 error and in the left side of the monitor a square with: Conditions Initialized Waiting Emg stop (in red) org incmp (in red) Interlock (in red) data comp Use Vac

Comet Philips machine error

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 16 09:33:39 EST 2005 | SuMoTe

I can't help you with most of that, but heres a starting point. "L013: 2nd limit over" means that one of your axis is showing outside operating boundries, as in placement head is too far forward. Make sure all your devices are not pushed out to thie

Comet Philips machine error

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 18 02:42:46 EST 2005 | vinitverma

Greg, I recently faced this problem at a customer though the machine was Topaz X but the problem was same. So I suggest you first check if the GOOD LED is ON on the Servo card down in the MCX box. Also check the same GOOD LED on the System board in

GSM1 error loading machine model

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 22 22:42:18 EDT 2016 | ttheis

Apparently the machine is now completing initialization but when attempting to zero axis' it has a time-out waiting to change modes. Machine status page shows an error reading "initialization failure for motion control board."

GSM1 error loading machine model

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 23 20:13:19 EDT 2016 | ttheis

UPDATE: For anyone experiencing similar issues it looks like it is bad axis control card(s.) It would make sense since that is what the message said... A red "fail" led was overlooked on one of the cards apparently. I had this same issue with anothe

GSM1 error loading machine model

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 22 14:50:11 EDT 2016 | ttheis

A friend of mine has a used gsm1 but when loading up UPS it gives an error indicating it did not receive a request to load the machine model in the allotted time. Photo is attached of the message. Any suggestions what to look at? The machine is runni

Program transmition error TDK Radial machine VC-7C

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 05 17:32:51 EST 2016 | taiji

We have a TDK radial machine VC-7C, The "DNC CUT" button doesn't change state, the machine shows alarm "904 ALM CRD RX RECEIVE 800", We already check button and relay and working OK, Also check the cables and also OK. We have no idea where else to lo

amplifier error

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 07 09:18:07 EDT 2011 | jjcarver

amplifiere error states, Amplifier setup error, programming during startup failed.. Cannot get machine to initiate anyone have this problem?? machine is a MYDATA19e

YV100xg error

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 06 08:38:54 EDT 2010 | sachu_70

I am impressed to know that you are a one-man army confronting YV100Xg. However, you could always call in for an Engineer from a YAMAHA service provider to resolve your problem. Else, just try by reinstalling your machine software. But before you do

YV100xg error

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 18 03:45:08 EDT 2010 | vinitverma

Before reinstalling, just take a system data backup of the machine. It'll create one floppy which you will use in the form of "System Data Restore" once you have reinstalled the software. By the way, you should have 2 CDs, one titled Application Soft

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