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Fuji machine problems

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 19 16:33:46 EDT 2008 | mac5

If you're having trouble with a specific board, double check your Pattern, Diameter, Color and Scan Area under the 'Mark Data' tab. You can also try setting the Pitch Tolerance to '0' in the machine configuration. Good Luck, Bill

PCB Trouble shooting Lab

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 17 09:38:04 EDT 2001 | CAL

With some help from our good Friends at Agilent Technologies our RF Lab includes testing up to 100GHz. Equipment includes Vector network analyzer, signal analyzer, dual channel power meter, noise filter meter, advanced impedance analyzer (including

Quad 4C part placement rejection

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 15 14:01:00 EST 2011 | olddog

Well, everything WAS going OK until I started setting up for a board job (40 boards with about 450 components each - many image repeats). We setup 37 feeders with their parts and started defining the pickups and placements. Part #1 is an SOD123 zener


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