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Machine utilization - splicing

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 03 09:14:34 EDT 2006 | G

This software option called CLS (component level server) and could be used with or withoout splice detection system, which are existing for all S-type feeders

Machine utilization - splicing

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 03 20:01:36 EDT 2006 | darby

Have a look at a Yamaha Hyper series feeder. Their set up gives you a rough idea of when the tape will run out. Simple but reasonably effective.

Machine utilization - splicing

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 18 04:54:30 EDT 2006 | bayanbaru

We are using Siemens pick and place machine for chip placement. Our goal is to continuous production during component replenishment. In Siemens machine, the feeders that can be removed, reloaded, and placed back on the machine while the machine is ru

Machine utilization - splicing

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 27 08:13:02 EDT 2006 | stockley

As I recall, several years ago, Siemens was developing a tape splice detector for at least the 8mm feeders, this was coupled with a method of entering the number of components on the new reel. This in theory allowed the machine to give a warning bef

Machine utilization - splicing

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 19 06:47:58 EDT 2006 | QTEK Manufacturing Ltd. www.qtek.com

QTEK Manufacturing Ltd. launched a revolutionary new product last November at the Productronica Exhibition in Germany, which was the QTEK Splice Clip and Tape, which eliminates the awkward handling problems commonly associated witht the splicing proc

SMT machine Utilization

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 27 05:37:04 EDT 2001 | bayanbaru

Hello, Does anyone calculate the Chip Shooter utilization? Our utilization is calculate as follow: A = no. of actual parts place in a week B = no. of part count multiply by tact time multiply by 168 hours. Utilization = A/B What is the benchmar

Increasing placement machine productivity

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 03 08:43:51 EST 2003 | markt

I can't seem to improve my machine utilization rate above 85%, what can I do to increase productivity on my placement machines?

SMT machine Utilization

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 01 01:54:57 EDT 2001 | djarvis

Bayanbaru, We do ours like this. We don't care per se about machine utilization. The actuaries have figured out that the facility costs $X per minute to run, this includes wages, utilities, consumables, machine payments, depreciation and whatever els

Increasing placement machine productivity

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 03 09:57:26 EST 2003 | msivigny

Hello markt, If you're only running at 85%, you've got some things to look into! First, it's good you know that you're operating at 85% with some measurables that help you determine that. Now, the easiest methodical way to improve productivity on SMT

Which AOI machine ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 06 16:49:57 EDT 2019 | jmedernach

HI, The short answer is, "whichever machine finds your defects." I would suggest evaluating machines based on a common vehicle. Make a bad board and identify the defects. Make a good board and have your vendor teach and tune the machine to the goo

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