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E-Mail Link Doesn't Work

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 17 09:30:50 EDT 2001 | davef

Don't forget that e-mail links in e-mails received via the SMTnet e-mail system don't work either.

SMTnet E-mail

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 17 07:08:51 EDT 2002 | cyber_wolf

The only place I ever used my SMTNET E-mail is through a couple of E-mails I sent to people that use this site. I sincerely hope that the used equipment guys are not passing out our E-mail addresses. Thanks for the response.

Issues with getting e-mail notifications to post responses

Electronics Forum | Mon May 14 14:06:10 EDT 2012 | cyber_wolf

For some reason I no longer get e-mail notifications to forum post responses. I tried to e-mail SMTnet but when I click send, it tells my e-mail address is not valid.


Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 25 16:23:08 EDT 2000 | JAX

If ya want info, I have to have a mailing address and an E-mail address.

SMTNET E-mail Accounts

Electronics Forum | Wed May 26 18:55:11 EDT 2004 | Dreamsniper

why we can no longer use the e-mail? rgards,

oven profile

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 11 11:12:29 EST 2009 | rajeshwara

mail me on smtschool@gmail.com i will mail u doc


Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 07 15:11:11 EDT 2001 | jax

Is SMTNET having a problem with E-mail services? I am recieving e-mails 3 to 4 days after it was sent, if I am recieving it at all.

E-mail message

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 17 10:40:18 EDT 2002 | cyber_wolf

Is it possible for a message to be sent to our regular E-mail letting us know that we have unread messages in our SMT net E-mail ?

SMTnet E-mail

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 12 07:46:21 EDT 2002 | cyber_wolf

Within the last 2 days I have received several junk E-mails in my SMTnet E-mail account. Whats up with that ? It has never happened before.Has something changed ? Just curious.


Electronics Forum | Sun May 21 00:42:44 EDT 2006 | mika

Hi, I am just thoughtful about how the SMTnet:s e-mail system works. I have been waiting for an e-mail that a fellow with a problem got and I said in the thread; just e-mail me and I will try to help You out because I still have something from the ol

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