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Re: Alloy melting Points, This one has it

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 05 18:20:14 EST 1999 | Jeff Sanchez

Man oh man, ok so cut to the chase.lol www.indium.com

Who is this moon man?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 11 15:31:28 EDT 2006 | carlos

I'm new to this forum, and I kept hearing about the moon man. How is he?

UP2000 with grid-lok question

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 24 13:46:07 EST 2007 | Tyrone Jamal Washington

Man I don't play no golf.that's a white man's sport!

Is it just me?

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 28 13:37:02 EDT 2014 | jimmyboz

Happy to help reduce you from a very frazzled man to a semi-frazzled man.

Who is this moon man?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 13 12:22:42 EDT 2006 | Rob

a) the man in the moon or b) a man who goes around mooning everyone I'll leave it up to you.


Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 31 09:32:04 EDT 2002 | holy1

hey thanx man !!

Who is this moon man?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 12 16:11:21 EDT 2006 | russ


How do you number your stencils ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 27 11:05:13 EDT 2005 | moonshine

Look at http://www.moonmanondarkside.com but etch them as that is the way to go. Download MoonMan's free procedures including how you do this. MoonMan


Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 27 11:10:07 EDT 2005 | moonshine

Only one way to do the impossible. Do this with "pink death" flux that has been around since soldering was invented (about 3000 years ago) but ask MoonMan at moonshine@provide.net and visit http://www.moonmanondarkside.com MoonMan

Solder Joint

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 29 14:03:35 EST 2007 | realchunks

Thanks Steve but I feel the customer may get scared by such technology as cross sections. Remember Cave Man Lawyer on Saturday Night Live? I have Cave Man Customer.

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