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Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 11 10:15:39 EST 2000 | abbas

Dave , A great deal of info. provided by you !!! Many many thanks..../ abbas

Need Help With Selecting Equipment

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 09 21:29:04 EDT 2006 | Cmiller

How many parts and of what type are on each board? How many boards are on a panel?

Number of Leadless Devices Placed in 2007 or 2008?

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 09 11:51:51 EST 2008 | stepheniii

2007 too many 2008 way too many

Partially completed PCBA Storage

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 03 08:53:05 EST 2023 | tommy_magyar

How many assemblies you will have and how many transformers per assembly?

Why So Many Repeat Messages?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 24 16:47:08 EDT 2001 | davef

Why are there so many repeated postings on SMTnet lately? The sheer volume of double and triple repeats is so great and spread across so many different authors that it's difficult to imagine attributing this problem to the spastics alone.

Solvent for stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 09 07:22:28 EST 2005 | davef

No. Aqueous Technologies, Kyzen, Petroferm, Zestron, Alpha Metals and many more companies have tested their chemical for use with many different production materials and should be able to discuss the effectiveness of their chemical. Beyond that, ma

Feeder Counts - How many will I need?

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 05 08:45:13 EST 2003 | Marc V.

I am trying to figure out how many feeders I will need for our first venture into SMT. I have broken down our largest board we would build into the different feeder types. What I need to know is, how many extra should I order? Why?


Electronics Forum | Wed May 19 04:27:18 EDT 2004 | johnwnz

Also look at IPC 7095 which is all abotu BGA processes including rework. the profile will be 100% based on your board - how many layers, how many are ground & signal, how many of those are the BGA connected to directly or indirectly, the component we

MPM Cognex

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 26 22:10:43 EDT 2004 | KEN

I work for a CM that is a principle PCBA supplier for Cognex. We have not seen these legacy systems in many, many years. However, the cognex 8000, IS1000, IS2000 systems are still running strong in many OEM vision applications (especially recently

FUJI Line vs MY15 line

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 10 09:08:09 EDT 2005 | ??

Sounds to me like someone had some mydata's and didnt know exactly how to calibrate them.....then that somebody purchased some brand new fuji's that were calibrated perfectly (which they should be when brand new) and that would be the difference. I h

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