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CSP rework station advice needed

Electronics Forum | Thu May 17 21:50:29 EDT 2007 | jeremyl

Hi All. We are a tiny startup company developing an IC in a flip-chip CSP package. We find ourselves in need of being able to remove and replace (ie rework) our chip on a characterization board. The board will not be big and the chip is very small

Re: BGA Rework station

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 22 10:17:48 EST 2000 | CAL

We currently have 5 BGA,uBGA rework stations in house and all perform excellently. The manufacturers are A.P.E, OKI-Metcal, and Manncorp. The A.P.E. and OKI both have moving tables and work great. The only system that does not have a moving table is

BGA rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 09 20:15:26 EST 2001 | caldon

I concur with Dave.....I have done this often with little fall out. After rework reflow we would x-ray just to ensure an acceptable joint structure. Just for curiosity sakes....are you removing a defective BGA and replacing with a good one? Site pre

BGA rework systems

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 25 12:57:29 EST 2002 | caldon

Maxtim- I have used APE's Sniper, airvac, Mecal's 3500, PDR, Pace, and MArtin's rework stations. APE Sniper does the Job but to much automation and not user friendly software. PDR is to much IR and no convection. Metcal's work good now with the ne

repair the BGA/CSP device

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 13 08:25:03 EDT 2001 | caldon

You will need to prepare the component and site for rework. Using solder wick remove the solder from the pad site and the component balls. You can also use a heated Vacuum desoldering tool. To reball we have been using Winslow Automation reballing ki

How to reworking BGA

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 28 07:57:52 EST 2002 | caldon

Marcos- BGA's and soldering manually is difficult. Typically soldering BGAs requires reflow just as a reflow oven does, so I recommend a rework station. Go to http://www.empf.org/html/empfset.htm and download Jan 2002, Dec 2001, Sep 2001, Aug 2001,


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