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Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 05 05:43:40 EST 2009 | ghcarnu

Searching the marketplace for mantis returns old data. I'm looking for buying a couple of Mantis microscopes; has anyone them for sale?


Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 16 04:39:13 EDT 2003 | mantis

Jeff, I think I have a circuit that might do your trick.Send me your email address so i can send it on too you. Regards, mantis

Out gassing of Tantalum capacitors.

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 17 11:16:36 EDT 2003 | mantis

Hi all, With regards to the recent thread about jumping sot23.I was wondering if there are any white papers or technical articles on the phenomon of outgassing tantalum capacitors. Regards, Mantis

What causes Bga corners to lift during reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 29 16:14:34 EDT 2003 | mantis

DaveF, Thanks for the link very helpful and informative. I have got in contact with our part vendor on recomendations. Regards, Mantis

MPAV Y-Axis deviation overflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 11 18:41:21 EST 2003 | mantis

Hey all, Anybody out there able to shed some light on the above error.My Mpav powers up with this error and wont let me do anything the manual is not much help either. Regards, Mantis


Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 03 15:44:30 EDT 2002 | mantis

If the designer has used pin one as origin surely all parts on the board would have pin one as orign and all parts would be off be same amonunt.If u like you can send a copy of your PD and i would be happy to review it for you and see if theres anyth

Bga replacement on ENIG Fabs.

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 29 15:48:47 EDT 2003 | mantis

Thanks all for you input, Perhaps i wasnt making my point clear,I have some boards with black pad defect and i wanted to know could i rework them succesfuly with out incurring the wrath of this scourge,but from your commenst it seems i may as well se

What causes Bga corners to lift during reflow

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 27 09:32:36 EDT 2003 | mantis

All, I was wondering what causes the corners of a bga to lift during reflow process.Now just to clarify i have been running this one particular product for 4 years and i have the process and reflow profile down to a tee.But recently i have witnessed

Escalation process

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 17 22:59:27 EDT 2001 | mantis

We have the same kind of escalation scale but with shorter times,if the operator cant fix it the technician is called,and this is where we differ slightly the technician will usually know if the problem is going to take some time fixing or wether a v

Universal VCD Tooling

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 05 16:08:51 EST 2001 | mantis

Hi there, Theres a company in ireland called Bay automation,i think you will find the are very reasonable and a lot cheaper than universal. you can contact them at bayauto@eircom.net regards

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