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programmer or technician of universal hsp 4796a, or 4796b

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 01 18:24:37 EST 2007 | jaimebc

Set FEEDER AXIS in the box of the label ALTERNATE MODE at the OPERATION DATA display. ( to get there go to PROGRAM EDIT/OPERATION DATA/ then press next page. For reference look in your operation manual 3.7 ALTERNATE MODE.

Fuji Flexa Software

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 29 10:55:00 EDT 2014 | mario85

Hi Everyone I'm new here. I am looking for a FLEXA 4.6.1 software. I have to refresh my knowledge of programming. Does anybody have this software? I'm also looking for some kind of tutorial regarding creating new programs from the scratch. Maybe the

quad ivc vision slug

Electronics Forum | Fri May 18 12:42:50 EDT 2018 | arachid

Hi, i search for drawing of calibration slug to calibrate a vu4/6 vision system on a quad 4c. on my manual it is name spindle runout calibration slug but not have part number. if you can give me this drawing i will very apreciate it. I need picture,

Universal HSP 4791

Electronics Forum | Sun May 07 00:30:10 EDT 2006 | mika

Maybe I can get it 4 U. Otherwise perhaps I can help You out, if You can tell me exactly what You want. I still have the manuals and some s/w.... Just e-mail me. /Sincerly

PanaPRO and Sanyo TCM-V850 (HSP 4785) Programming

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 21 11:07:24 EST 2006 | ratsalad

If anyone is interested, I've written a program to read the PanaPRO .pcb file and generate a Sanyo TCM-V850/UIC 4785 program. It sure beats entering the program manually.

SMT LED placement with Universal HSP 4791

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 18 11:11:02 EST 2005 | JB

I don't think the light levels can be adjusted manually. Two options that I know of, back ltg and front ltg. If you have auto teach mode, switch between this two. If the bottom is clear use back ltg on a square mold. Hope it helps.

cracked capacitors at SMT 1&2

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 21 04:21:55 EDT 2004 | siverts

Have been through this before and we resolved our problem as follows: 1.Make sure that the length of your board support pins on Your HSP is correct. On that machine the board support pins depends on the board thickness (+ - some tenth's of a mm). It'

Nozzle life?

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 27 17:30:19 EST 2005 | pmdeuel

I�m sure the 10MPF is not a correct nozzle to use. I don�t have manuals handy so I can�t answer as to the correct nozzle. We use a HSP 4792 to place all of our passive parts so I have never given this much thought. But the machine will not try to pla

Quad IVc AutoProgram

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 10 15:05:23 EDT 2013 | microaide

I followed your instructions and did NOT select the option to break up the program for separate central controllers. I now have a program I can copy to central controller #1, and I can delete the head 2 data from the program. Now when I select RUN TH

Re: Help with new placement equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 14 22:05:45 EDT 1998 | Jason

John, Universal has a smaller footprint HSP chipshooter, I believe the 4795S and the 4796R that takeup a lot less space than the full sized chipshooters do. I have a 4795S, it's just as reliable as our full sized 4795's & 96's. As far as BGA's I pr

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