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aoi inline

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 21 17:50:51 EDT 2001 | Ian T

how does aoi perform inline? is aoi a bottle neck or not? if there are any aoi user please respond. we already know the theory we need the practical thx

aoi inline

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 23 21:00:10 EDT 2001 | davef

We do the same quadrent every four boards in placement inspection on a Orbotech.

aoi inline

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 03 09:21:08 EDT 2001 | Ian T

hi my company is planing to purchase an aoi system to be used inline. is there anyone out there doing this, if so do you use all the machine options (pattern character recognition, bad board marks, correct part polarity...) or do you dumb it down(pa

aoi inline

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 21 21:11:29 EDT 2001 | davef

It depends on what you're doing. Say for component placement verification, a line that's kicking-butt might have time to look at a somewhat different quarter of each board, depending on lots of stuff [eg, board, AOI equipment, line rate, etc.]

aoi inline

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 22 12:30:34 EDT 2001 | slthomas

Now that's an approach I've never thought of, inspecting a different portion of each board (I'm assuming that you program a few different patterns and run them sequencially, or something like that). I know our stencil printers don't provide that opti

aoi inline

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 22 12:39:58 EDT 2001 | andyy

From the manufacturer's perspective, we aim to be able to fully inspect all components within the beat rate of the line and generally do. I'm not aware of any competitive machines that do the random sampling that is suggested above, however it is do

aoi inline

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 03 15:53:17 EDT 2001 | nwyatt

We have purchased 2 and will be implementing them in our line shortly. We have one for component inspection and one for paste inspection. We are planning on starting with it "dummed down" and then adding more variables and tightening our criteria a

aoi inline

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 03 17:00:57 EDT 2001 | mparker

Start with a definition of what you expect the AOI to achieve at each station. Will your in-line machine be post print? Place (pre-reflow) or post reflow? Rather than buy one very expensive machine to put at the end of the line, maybe a couple of

Mirtec MV-9 inline 3D AOI

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 16 02:29:38 EDT 2017 | cpcompany

Dear All. My name is Casey Park from Starworks Korea. These days we purchased pre-owned Mirtec MV-9 inline 3D AOI from a customer site and have it fully refurbished and upgraded by Mirtec HQ. If anyone has a plan to invest 3D AOI or upgrade old 2D

inline AOI (whats the best!)

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 03 10:23:52 EDT 2011 | burb1999

Looking at getting an inline AOI system, what is the best out there... also which can import gerber files etc from pads. Thanx, Todd

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