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IP3 special program

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 02 14:31:57 EDT 2011 | smellew

Marcel, have you completed your calibration or do you still reuire some help? llew

GSM Old vision system AIS 3500

Electronics Forum | Sun May 08 08:53:39 EDT 2005 | smtuser1234

Marcel, If I were you I would call Universal and explain what you are trying to do. What are you trying to do ?

Replacement IP2 nozzles/feeders

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 10:47:49 EDT 2010 | marcelll

I have in stock nozzles & feeders & spare parts for IP2 at very good price. Marcel Duclos Control MD Inc 514-349-1989

GSM camera calibration.

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 13 18:32:20 EDT 2011 | marcelll

I have all the kits & jigs to service GSM I'm doing it for 20 years at much better price then Universal Contact me if interrested Marcel Duclos info@controlemd.com

Pick Up Error

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 12 14:55:08 EDT 2004 | johnw

Hi guys I havnt been on for a while so its nice to be back been working in europe mostly Fuji CP6 skewing rnets Marcels comment is the closest rnets are a problem as said before the main areas are 1 A good assmbley shape is a must with 30% defaul

UIC Radial Inserter

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 11 00:31:31 EDT 2003 | swuicsup

Marcel, Reconfiguring your machine from 80 to 20 stations is quite easy. In the sequencer portion of your machine, it has it's own I/O box. in it, there's the MIT card, location (1). The bit switches are there to inform the controller in the in

Pick Up Error

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 06 13:46:20 EDT 2004 | Marcel

Dhanish, on a CP6 if you have skew problems or missing parts begin by a center check on your smalls nozzles. If all nozzles goods, you will have to check the Z zero of the table, this is the pulse count of the z axis (table height) when the turret is

BTU Paragon oven

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 01 04:31:08 EDT 2004 | pioneertechnology

Hi Marcel I bought four BTU ovens a couple of years ago at auction and had the same problem where two of the ovens had software and two did not. I loaded in the software I had onto the two ovens and this only partially worked as the software is con

Need help for Vitronix oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 24 13:25:16 EDT 2007 | rwyman

Good luck with that Marcel. Vitronics won't be able to help you, as I'm sure you already know. When ours started dying off a few years ago I retrofitted about a dozen of our ovens to the Windows control program. This is very simple to do, and if y


Electronics Forum | Thu May 29 00:26:58 EDT 2008 | bobwillis

Bob Willis' Top Ten Reference Books Here is a new list of "Bob Willis' Top Ten" reference books that has been updated for 2007 to take into account recent changes in technology. In the publishing industry there are many charts and awards for the bes

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