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Screen Printer Market Share

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 30 08:31:15 EST 2005 | davef

Last we knew, DEK and MPM each had 50 percent market share and the other printer equipment makers shared the remander of the market [bubkes]. Frost & Sullivan [ http://www.frost.com ] published "World Surface Mount Technology Screen Printers Markets

Screen Printer Market Share

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 30 11:03:15 EST 2005 | Mike

I would think that Ekra has some market share though certainly not as much as the Ford and Chevy of the screen printer market. As far as research by F & S, I would not put much stock in that despite the fact that the company is reputable. Don't kno

Support in SMT

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 26 22:28:57 EDT 2004 | Eann Khan

Always wondering what kind of support can client and customer relationship can be in SMT market? Being in the SMt market for so long, customer does not help much but wanted more profit and low cost. Speed does counts but relationship play an importen

Screen Printer Market Share

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 30 03:41:54 EST 2005 | kimkim03

does anyone has the SMT Screen Printer marketing research? what is the market share between DEK and MPM? thanks all! If anyone can help me, please send me a e-mail kim@b-east.net

PCB market in Australia

Electronics Forum | Tue May 16 19:51:58 EDT 2006 | davef

IPC [ipc.org] publishes this type of information for US markets. They might be able to give you a contact for the Ozzy market.

Double-sided boards

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 22 11:41:23 EDT 2007 | SKJ

Does anyone have any information on the market information on the double-sided board market? Do you know the growth for that market segment in the US and world-wide? Do you know who might have that kind of data?

Solder Market Information

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 19 10:33:35 EDT 2008 | fastek

I don't think a report dated in 2001 is what he is looking for. Check the metal markets to gauge market trends and call around to different vendors and get them to compete for your business.

SMT Stencil market

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 09 17:52:13 EDT 2015 | jimv1010

I am looking for the market size for the SMT stencil business in USA. Question: What is the market size for Stainless Steel(PHD vs FG), Nickle, Efab and Nano type stencils in American Continent, in USD. If someone has a reference to see I would lik

Re: Competitors in Semi-Automatic Printer market?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 28 20:20:47 EDT 1999 | Dave F

| Just out of curiosity, who's holding the market for the semi-automatic screen printers these days aside from Transition Automation? I know MPM offers some printers in that price range, but are they holding any real market share in that niche? | |

Whoa!!!! Re: Flying Probe ICT

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 24 18:34:31 EDT 1998 | Steve Evers

| Any competition for Teradyne on this front? Any users out there with comments? | Thanks in advance. | G If your new to the world of Fying Probe ICT you may think this is a new developement. Its not, this technology has been around for 10+ years. M

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