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Component License Plating - Traceability

Feb 18, 2019 | We are beginning our traceability process and require suppliers to provide one QR bar code for creation of the license plate. Does your company have a standard that is followed? Does it come at additional cost? Any information/guidance you can share would be helpful.

Quad IV-c with Y axis problem

Feb 1, 2019 | done, mod code 53, "2" is faster than "1". Actually, it looks like the default "0" setting, but somehow it's working a lot better than the "0". Thanks bobpan, I believe this is the one!

Quad IV-c with Y axis problem

Jan 28, 2019 | mod code 53. make it 2...this speed setting is closer to fast than slow.

Quad IV-c with Y axis problem

Jan 28, 2019 | Yes, the left to right movement. The belt looks tight. I will check for loose steps, thanks for the tip. I can't find a mod code for overall speed setting. Do you remember the number?

Samsung CP40 Z height motor alarm detected Error Code 1523

Jan 24, 2019 | Wil, Thank you so much! So appreciated!! The spring makes sense. We will check these items.

Samsung CP40 Z height motor alarm detected Error Code 1523

Jan 24, 2019 | Hi Kathy i had the same issue yesterday and find that a spring is not ok. and i also clean the

Samsung CP40 Z height motor alarm detected Error Code 1523

Jan 23, 2019 | Hi, we had the same issue with our CP30V and head1. Did you solve the problem? Please let me know

Panasonic NPM-W Nozzle error

Dec 25, 2018 | Did you reslove your problem?i didnt have this problem on my machine....but im wondering to know what is problem...mby you turn nozzle on wrong side and machine no see 2d code..


Oct 8, 2018 | +paste was not stored properly Paste doesn't have enough flux and is more sticky than usual. Could be a lot code related or a purchase order related. I wold order a new jar and try immediately.

Anyone knows the HS code for the assembled boards ?

Sep 20, 2018 | You can try with 9504901000 and see if it works. Or you can ask ALLPCB for instruction, they are mo

Zevatech 740 RH Head - issues with rotation of component during laser recognition

Mar 15, 2018 | Possibly a loose grub screw on one of the shafts controlling rotation or the sensor ot gray code wheel on the rotation servo motor. or even a small fault in the program eprom, Good luck sarason

Samsung CP40 Z height motor alarm detected Error Code 1523

Jun 21, 2017 | Hi We had same issue with Head 2.if you find solution let me know as well. thanks

Dek horizon 03 adding 2d vision?

Jun 13, 2017 | Thanks, I try. But enable codes on Micron class not something I can accomplish. DEKHEAD

Samsung CP40 Z height motor alarm detected Error Code 1523

Jun 12, 2017 | Sounds to me like the z-encoder could be a problem. I cant remember but you may be able to disable a

Samsung CP40 Z height motor alarm detected Error Code 1523

Jun 9, 2017 | it sounds to me like a home sensor. try adjusting sensitivity if possible. move head manually to det

Samsung CP40 Z height motor alarm detected Error Code 1523

Jun 8, 2017 | Samsung CP40 Z height motor alarm detected Error Code 1523 Hoping to get help on our Samsung CP40. We are trying figure out what part to replace for a Z height motor alarm detected Error Code 1523. Originally Head 1 was having this error. Swapped out I/O board and Z-Axis control for head one and same error still. Tore head 1 apart and tested all parts

Looking for IPC

Feb 27, 2016 | Look here:


Feb 10, 2016 | CE MARKING A question for you all that I would appreciate your help or views on. On a SM line connected using SMEMA conveyers do I need to get the whole line CE marked? My arguement is I don't have to as the machines are operating indenpendently of each other and they arent controlled by one single circuit. I

Juki 740 X Axis error

Oct 20, 2015 | Hi, I have struck a problem with the X axis on my Juki 740. As soon as I "home" the machine the X driver displays the code "961" Does anyone have any ideas as to a solution for this problem? Thanks!


Jul 10, 2015 | good afternoon we have a M12 MYDATA gives us an error code (f-mot-move x / 143. position out of bounds, lower end) and can not initialize the hardware. If you can help please .... thank you ...

Mydata Hydra tool reference marks error

Jun 15, 2015 | Mydata Hydra tool reference marks error Hi I have been having a problem with my Hydra tool reference plate. Machine keeps stopping and comes up with error message - failed to locate hydra tool reference marks & Error mounting component .... from feeder ..... with nozzle .... I have checked my camera for any components that may have fallen in it and also checked the reference plate and gave it a clean. There appears to be no damage to the plate and the reference marks seem clear and defined to me even under a microscope. Mydata/Mycronic were saying I may need a new hydra ref plate, but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong

Looking for a high quality HDI PCB house

May 4, 2015 | ="">,hope the infos can help you. Regards, Scott

Topaz-Xii Error Code 30

Apr 24, 2015 | I have checked and rechecked all my dimensions on the capacitor which is a 402 size. The manual says

Samsung CP45 SSA Import

Apr 17, 2015 | IRRIGProtoAT28 ID = 0 [PCB] Unit System = MILIMETER Coordinate = LOWER LEFT Rotation = 0 Placement Origin = 0.00,0.00 Fiducial = CIRCLE,111.94,119.00,26.62,4.19 Accept Mark = NONE, 0, 0 Bad Mark = NONE, 0, 0 [BOARD] Board Name = PCBSynergy_Samsung_SSA PCB Size = 109.22,130.00,1.00 Array = 2,2,LOWER RIGHT Array Offset = 0.000,0.000 [FIDUCIAL] 1 CIRCLE,111.94,119.00 2 CIRCLE,26.62,4.19 You will note that there are 2 places for the fiducial marks try adding an extra circle at the point in the file marked [FIDUCIAL] My program is yet to have the third fiducial mark added consistently all the way through

Humiseal 1A33

Feb 25, 2015 | Sorry , I`ve got the wrong flux code ,we use NC Kester 959T and we intend to use NC277 VOC-free from AIM, Cheers

RH2 / RH6 Software or Communications Protocol

Feb 10, 2015 | If you need me to do any corrections to this code to make it more workable, contact me via email on the address on my webpage. Now that I know the machine is a radial inserter the XYR's are probably wrong as they were assumed to be for an SMT machine! regards sarason

RH2 / RH6 Software or Communications Protocol

Feb 9, 2015 | How old are these machines. When I wrote the code it was blind from example files . I didn't even realize it was an axial inserter.

Futaba 14MZ IC60 top mark help please

Jan 16, 2015 | Futaba 14MZ IC60 top mark help please Hi i am looking for IC60 as shown. It's top mark is 4L1 L74 (two lines). 8 pin package.I suspect its somekind of comparator/amp Many thanks in advance

Fuji CP3 teach fiducials mark or check part placement

Nov 8, 2014 | Fuji CP3 teach fiducials mark or check part placement Hello, Thanks help me to fix this CP3 and now it is running great. Do this machine CP3 has capability to teach fiducials mark and check placement part on the board?. I have the operating manual and program manual. but I can't not get the TEACH display on the machine nemu . In the manual show press

Need help identifiying capacitor

Sep 7, 2014 | It is a AVX TAR series. Commonly called a bullet cap and is now most likely obsolete. AVX 9915 is a date code or lot number. 15uM is the value, probably 15 micro farad but not sure.

Fuji 643e, turn off advanced part pick up

Aug 27, 2014 | the one in production exits, or, of course the dreaded Block skip mark. Just pick a feature on the X-Y table to read as one BS mark, the same for all programs. There might be a global way, again "why" will dictate my effort.

mydata 19 error

Feb 20, 2014 | Dear Rob, Thank you for your quick response! There were Z locks on the Midas head area, 2 little solenoids like you mentioned. Previously I had the first error code (F-AXIS-C/9) and after fiddling around, randomly manual unlock the Z locks it came to life, X axis head began to move and it was time for celebration until this error code came up. :( Anyway after much thinking through and confirming all was well, I believed that the counter could be toast like what you mentioned earlier. I was thinking if there is possibility that I can just change the counter or the motor itself? The counter

cp65 Thermal Alarm

Jan 3, 2014 | CP65 error code Thermal Alarm.I have checked for overload on all axis motors. None are faulty. Any suggests.

Concave Terminals Help. CP4 or GSM

Nov 15, 2013 | When I used the 12 code I saw worse placement then with the 254 that I used in the past. So far my best and most consistent results came for the GSM with only looking at the outside edges of the part. Thanks again for everyone’s help.

Fuji Flexa Part Data library sharing

Nov 4, 2013 | What you are asking is not practical. ALL parameters in the part data are key. When parts get rejected, there is an error code generated at the machine. You need training and this is not something that is quick and easy if you have no experience. Good Luck

Capacitor ~ Electrolytic ~ Tantalum, Marking

Nov 18, 2012 | Capacitor ~ Electrolytic ~ Tantalum, Marking Cost to mark them. Some of the cap manufactures do not have the equipment to do it. They have older lines and to retrofit them is cost prohibitive. A lot of OEMs do not want the values of everything on the boards so they are harder to reverse engineer. If they use epoxy ink and its not level it can

QFN aligment issues

Jul 9, 2012 | We used to have a manual printer machine, we could never align the stencil over the PCB well, now with the new stencil we have less defects but still appearing on the Top list. I tried to use more fids as you recommend and one issue I faced was that there is a silkscreen mark near almost every pad , so the Screen Printer camera did not regognize the pad correctly, I tried to set up the light to omit such marks but alignment was inconsistent...

How to place pin supports the same everytime a board is ran?

May 22, 2012 | of it or punch holes and mark it with a sharpie (marks come off easy with alcohol). If you don't have CAD, use a clear plastic sheet to X mark the spots for pins using the actual PCB/array then keep them for the next go.

PCB labeling using laser (CO2 or fiber)

Mar 29, 2012 | In a previous life we burned bar-codes on PCB with a CO2 laser. Initially we placed a small white epoxy pad to burn the code into. After some experimentation we found that we could eliminate the epoxy and just burn through the soldermask and the underlying copper would give good enough contrast

Quad 2C

Nov 9, 2011 | Motor error 4 is an error that is caused by the machine not reaching a position in a timely matter. Usually its in the x/y axis but also could be z. If you have cleared the mod codes (function 35 shift 7) the machine should home. Usually this problem is 1 of the following.....clean the x/y glass scales,check the x/y ribbon cables for wear,check the x/y motor cables for wear (these are the hardest to find because they will break inside and you cant see the problem). Also try to run the machine at a slower speed. There is a mod code on the 2c that has 3 speed settings for the machine. Sometimes

Mirtec MV-2HTL pen marker: How does it work?

Feb 23, 2011 | Hi all, This machine is working good now. I wanted to mark some of the bad stuff with the marker but I can't get the marker to do anything. The options is "installed" and the pen moves if I go to Marker Test. I thought it would put a mark when I hit the no good button when I review but ... nope

Need Help Operating CSM84VZ

Dec 29, 2010 | are not in the machine. i get memory destroyed error codes when trying to use vision and as far as i can tell the feeder positions are set to 0.00. i do not have a MCH file or any idea as of how to loaded if I did. if anyone could guide me in the right direction helping set a feeder, pick up a component and place it i will be the best thing that it has happened to me in a long time. i forgot to mention that i canot acces the run menu. i get an error code 215 system error 60. I hope there is still someone out there using this old machines thank you all for reading

Yestech AOI question

Dec 16, 2010 | What Derek means is, you will have to train new templates from time to time, something you have to do with every AOI. Because there is no established method for marking parts, these markings can change. For instance, the text on chip resistors could change to a different font, or perhaps capacitors. Because they have no markings, I have to inspect the body of the part using GSC (pattern matching). Of course, if the color of the part changes, this is going to effect my score and a new template may be necessary. There are other algorithms that can be used such as binarized imaging, solder

quad align init problem

May 20, 2010 | 10 seconds. Make sure you have you mod code file before doing this so that you can get your mod codes back. This will often fix strange failures.

Fuji IP1 not reading fiducials

Apr 25, 2010 | Hi all our IP1(1993)is not reading the board fiducials, the light comes on at the fid camera and stay on and the machine just hangs. Need to press the emergency stop button to go any further and screen says 'mark not readable'. None of the bulbs have blown, i have tried the ccd level and changing the mark settings but still nothing. It's not reading the boards that were being done last week. Also the same on new programmes ( simulate mode works ok) Have tried reset and send status/proper, also took out and reseated the CCD board VM1710. When i set the ccd level should the monitor on the left show the fid mark? I know this is an old machine but then the real experts hang out in this place? Thanks in advance

Calculating Mydata angels with CircuitCam

Mar 6, 2009 | Are you working for an OEM? If so see if you can get your engineering department to change their "zero orientation" for the packages. At one place I believe the CAD department called them "G codes". What was really bad there was that one shape had two different G codes with different zero

component markings

Oct 16, 2008 | component markings having trouble with other than diodes? The diodes we purchase are usually in a SOT-23 package but the marking is always clearly visible. Now it may depend on what package the diode is in. Is it different packages and different parts? Some parts we have trouble with. TVS in a 2010 package, to name one, have the markings printed, not laser etched. This makes it extremely difficult to get any repeatability or consistancy during AOI inspection. Other parts are even worse than this and does give us issues. I haven't had any issues with resistors, caps (electrolytics), ICs, diodes (most

NEW to Philips Topaz-X need help programming

Sep 23, 2008 | that would be great steve! I have been using the cad2cad program to get familiar with it. Here is another stupid question. Lets say that i get a new board to program, can't i just use a previous board on cad2cad and just change/del/add the coordinates and marks? If that is possible, how would i change the pcb board size and marks? on the actual topaz machine itself (when i upload it)? thanks!

Siemens S-27 Error Code Descriptions and Segment Issues

Sep 9, 2008 | Siemens S-27 Error Code Descriptions and Segment Issues We don't know a Siemens S-27 Error Code from a shoe box, but our old friend Stefan Witte is wizard on Siemens machines. He has posted some troubleshooting guidance on his site. If that doesn't help; contact him, plead for mercy, and he probably will help you. You can tell him that I sent you to him

Best compromise

Sep 8, 2008 | Try: * IPC-7530, Guidelines for Temperature Profiling for Mass Soldering (Reflow and Wave)

Led testing color sensors

SMT Spare Parts and Feeders