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Capacitor marking

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 06 15:41:23 EDT 2012 | rway

This appears to be a non-standard marking. Where did you find this? What is is out of? The 84 may be related to the cap value. Have you tried to measure it? I'm not sure about the "EG" part of it. This marking may be mfg specific, but the stand

Capacitor marking

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 06 14:13:52 EDT 2012 | ericrr

Does anybody have the marking code for for a capacitor this one has "EG84" marked on it. I am getting a bit of list mainly for resistors, most capacitors are blank that we get. But dont have a "letter-letter-number-number" code

0603 marking

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 11:10:43 EST 2000 | Gary Kemp

Is the same marking protocol used when identifying 0603, 0402, etc.. components? For instance, would a 27.4K ohm 1% resistor still have four (4) characters to identify if the body color is black? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

PWB marking

Electronics Forum | Thu May 27 13:49:01 EDT 1999 | Greg Curler

One of our board fab houses is asking (again) to eliminate the reference designators and polarity markings from boards. This isn't feasible for thru-hole, but what is the industry trend on surface mount assemblies?

component marking

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 03 11:23:50 EDT 2019 | bukas

hello, i have a faulty board with SOT-23-5 component on it marked APKK. excluded everything else. does anyone know what component this may be? I cant find it online...

Capacitor marking

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 07 16:10:07 EDT 2012 | ericrr

HO what a BIG twit I am, for wasting your time (and a few hours myself trying many options on google). It is not EG84 it must be E684, (I will have another look next time I go back to work) you see I know the value, I thought it was a new secret co

SMD marking codes

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 14 23:16:58 EDT 2005 | Author

If it is necessary to define the type SMD semiconductors on its code of the marking (marking code, top mark) - visit the site (no www!)http://users.zebratelecom.ru/~smd_marking The having read article "rules of the marking" you get the full pres

marking code for SMT

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 22 05:53:10 EST 2000 | tabbakh

Iwould like to know the reference for 2 surface mounted device 1)marking D05 SOT143 2)marking R2 D SOT23 Thank you very much

marking code for SMD

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 22 05:40:52 EST 2000 | tabbakh

I would like to know the reference of 2 surface mounted device 1)marking D05 SOT143 2)marking R2 D SOT23 Thank you very much

water soluble marking pen

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 12 09:52:44 EST 2001 | dennis

Hello! I need some help! Does anyone know marking pen that is water soluble? I want to wash off marker in a cleaning machine using only hot water. I tried many different type of water soluble marking pen, but it did not come off easily.

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