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marking code for SMT

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 22 05:53:10 EST 2000 | tabbakh

Iwould like to know the reference for 2 surface mounted device 1)marking D05 SOT143 2)marking R2 D SOT23 Thank you very much

marking code for SMD

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 22 05:40:52 EST 2000 | tabbakh

I would like to know the reference of 2 surface mounted device 1)marking D05 SOT143 2)marking R2 D SOT23 Thank you very much

Need SMT code info!

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 15 08:45:36 EDT 2010 | ilchannel

Hello, I really need to know the part name of these two sot23 components. They have these markings on their case: 7W 32 (the 32 digits are vertically written) STPx Thanks a lot!!! Daniel

Re: Bench marking Wave Solder

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 23 14:14:49 EDT 1999 | Chrys Shea

| Hi everybody, | | I would like to bench mark the quality out of our wave soldering m/c as far as DPPM levels are concerned. Can somebody provide me with some figures at their site or anywhere else for the same. | | Thanks | Upinder | ====== | We

Marking code t6g on fluke 189

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 15 06:07:53 EST 2009 | joelinacio

I need to know what is the sot-23-5 in the dmm fluke 189 with the code t6g. It is wired with the com conector.

need help identifying these marking codes!

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 20 04:43:33 EST 2015 | gragal

I need to replace a device which is in a 6-pin package which looks like SOT 23-6 / SC-74 style. The markings are D102/ 214B (D102 above 214B). I have checked numerous references to no avail. I think that the device is a comparator or op-amp with V

Semiconductor Marking Code

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 29 06:21:08 EDT 2009 | hishamuddinjohari

Please help me to find the following transistor. Marking code AJZ 438 Package style SOT223

Re: Marking Codes

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 10 03:10:19 EST 2000 | H.J.Zwier

Hi Robert, Try looking at www.marsport.demon.co.uk/smd/ This site contains a list of html files with all marking codes known at this moment. Your example of a transistor with marking code 8A can be a 3V3 zener diode or a npn general purpose transi

Sot Marking Codes

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 10:05:06 EDT 2006 | Dino49

I am looking for some web sites that will tell me the type of SOT-23 I need by the package code. ASG is all I have to identify the part I need. I looked on Datasheet.com and a few others but had no luck. Thanks for the input!!

SM Part Codes SOT23 etc;

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 06 06:15:22 EDT 1999 | Chris May

Dear all, Has anyone come across an electronic source for SOT23 etc; part markings and their meanings. Obviously, I could wade through the various data books.........but I don't really want to.....yet. Thanks in advance, Chris.

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