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trough-put and cycle times

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 07 18:21:08 EDT 2002 | murt

Hi I am a collage student and I was wondering if anyone could explain to me how you would estimate the trough-put, product and cycle time for a double-sided mixed technology pcb assembly. I would be grateful for any information Thanks Martin.

Re: ZEVA 560 Pick and Place

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 22 14:28:35 EST 1998 | Martin Plourde

| Need to sell machine with about 40 feeders. Excellent conditions. Located in Melbourne Fl and asking $25K Send me more info as well as pictures if possible. What is the vintage, what is the output and where are you located. Regards, Martin Plourde

Quadstar 100 with vision and dispenser

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 22 14:51:35 EST 1998 | Martin Plourde

I'm looking for a Quadstar 100 with any top vision as well as a glue dispenser. Must have both features or I am not interested. I've located many Quadstars 100 with either features but my customer wants both absolutely Regards, Martin Plourde (514)

Re: SMT, lead form and trim equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 20 13:28:14 EDT 1998 | Chris Fontaine

We regularly form QFP's and FP's (pitches to 20 mil) and have experience with both Knight and Fancort equipment, however most of our experience has been with Knight. Knight Tool has been consistently good, and I've had some sour experiences with Fan

Re: Moisture Sensitivity and Package Cracking

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 01 10:06:51 EST 1999 | Chris Fontaine

All of our moisture sensitive components are shipped to us in vacuum sealed, desiccated bags with a moisture indicator. When the parts are removed from the bag (this is done at either SMT setup, or in the stockroom) the indicator is checked. If it


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