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solder mask peel off

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 20 01:38:53 EST 2019 | ajspec

Hi, i'm facing solder mask peel off but limited to the solder defined pad only(opening area). no peel off on the other area and it happened on electroless nickel immersion gold finishing only. for other finishing is not affected. kindly advise if you

solder mask peel off

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 11 11:26:25 EST 2019 | SMTA-Norah

Yes, a polite complaint to our board shop later and the next batch didn't have that problem at least. I'm not convinced it's an ENIG issue as there was variability panel to panel in the first place.

Solder mask

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 14 18:23:05 EST 2009 | boardhouse

konrad, Here are a couple of things that can affect color. 1) Material color is the major, 2) Matte green from Enthone would be different in shad than Matte green from Taiyo. 3) Solder mask is two parts, One the green mask, two the hardner, having t

Printing off contact

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 09 16:11:31 EST 2007 | MAC

Not an expert on PCB manufacture, but it looks like mask from other side of PCB flowed through vias before this side was masked. Is it possible previous vendor masked this side first, or used film-type mask which would not flow through?

Re: solder mask removal

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 05 16:46:44 EST 2000 | Dennis O'Donnell

Several methods work well. 1. (Low Volume Method) Using an Xacto blade, scrape off the solder mask holding the blade flush being careful not to use the pointed part of the blade. 2. (High Volume Method)Tape off the area that you don't want the mas

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Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 20 08:19:54 EST 2007 | Steve

One question about the build to print statement; is there some note saying that the vias are to be plugged with mask? If so, I'm wondering when the circle of mask was done over the vias. If it was done as a secondary operation after flood coating, t

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Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 07 13:43:33 EST 2007 | realchunks

Board vendors are always right. Unless you build yourself in their facility, at their price. Ways around this are half etch your stencil over the vias, open the resist (mask) on the vias, or use your own product (Sipad). The resist (mask) does app

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Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 07 07:36:11 EST 2007 | jax

mk, Should I read into the fact that you posted this on a sipad website? You could always add an etch process to you stencil design to gasket around the raised mask locations. It is currently done when additive etch's/trace's are used. The extra $20

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Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 07 10:36:33 EST 2007 | mk

Wow JAX. Way off buddy, I promise!!!! This is real as have all my posts. As an officer of the SMTA Atlanta Chapter for the second term, I am familiar with the Forum Etiquette.. Thanks for defending our site's honor JAX. I don't like people who ab

Printing off contact

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 20 06:05:10 EST 2007 | mk

Thanks to all for the info. The ideas to correct the situation are all excellent and if we see any more boards from this source with this condition we will know what to do now. In the end however, the real questions we are trying to answer are, 1.I

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