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via masking

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 13 15:14:07 EST 2001 | cc

Does anybody know what is the nominal thickness for via masking and is there a set max.? I recently have some bridging on some fine pitch components and my suspicion is that the new fab with new via masking is the culprit. Thanks CC

via masking

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 13 20:54:23 EST 2001 | davef

There is neither �nominal thickness� nor �is there a set maximum� for via masking. We use some of our vias as test pads. So, as you�d expect, we get rabid when we get mask bleed onto these pads. IPC-6012 - Qualification & Performance For Rigid Pri

via masking

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 20 12:43:07 EST 2001 | cc

Thanks Cc

Pierce-able masking

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 13 09:51:14 EST 2013 | cnotebaert

Does anyone know of a masking material that could be applied over test pads that could be left on board that ICT test probes will pierce? could be tape or dispensed material. Thanks!!

Conformal Coat masking

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 15 08:37:19 EDT 2007 | davef

masking boot*

screen printable masking material

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 14 09:59:13 EST 1999 | mike d

Hello folks, Does anyone have any dealings with screen printable masking material? Thanks, Mike

Conformal coating masking boots

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 09 17:24:49 EDT 2020 | kumar

For Conformal coating machine to mask the components which material(silicon or SS) make masking boots is beeter interms of Cost,cycle time,Reusable lifecycle

Conformal Coat masking

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 16 15:51:05 EDT 2007 | davemfg

This is the source where we have gotten this type of things http://www.kinnarney.com/

Conformal Coat masking

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 17 16:26:12 EDT 2007 | vargas_s

Dave, that's exactly what I've been looking for. Many thanks.

Conformal Coat masking

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 15 12:50:10 EDT 2007 | russ

have you looked at any of the industrial supply companies? They sell rubber strips/sheets/tubes of about every makeup there is, I would bet they would have what you need. Russ

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