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Pierce-able masking

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 13 09:51:14 EST 2013 | cnotebaert

Does anyone know of a masking material that could be applied over test pads that could be left on board that ICT test probes will pierce? could be tape or dispensed material. Thanks!!

Gloves for conformal coat masking

Electronics Forum | Wed May 19 19:41:12 EDT 2010 | jry74

Our employees use a knit style ESD glove when masking boards to prevent oils. They snag alot and bend leads and cause other problems. I have tried dipped palm but they are bulky and dont offer "feel". I tried a silky type but they had a huge seam

Gloves for conformal coat masking

Electronics Forum | Tue May 25 07:19:13 EDT 2010 | jry74

I tried these and the operators didn't like them. The palm dip didn't slide well on tape and the finger tips were a bit bulky.

Masking tape

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 22 08:51:07 EST 2009 | mefloump

We use green painters masking tape. Comes off easy and doesn't leave a residue. The blue colored masking tape works well also but tears too easily. Ours runs through and IR oven to cure the coating after it runs in our PVA650 and we have not seen and

rubber masking boots for conformal coatings

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 09 10:21:30 EST 2005 | Amol

i am going to try it to use with Electrolube HPA. BTW we ran into a similar ptoblem, we just put pink mask on it to seal it off. still takes less time than to mask them with tape

Masking tape

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 22 03:25:26 EST 2009 | stevewilde

What masking tape can people recommend for masking the board when conformal coating. I am using a PVA autocoat machine and humiseal 1B31. Current tape, is leaving residue on board when used to hold link wires down whilst glue cures and also when used

Masking tape

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 22 11:58:32 EST 2009 | davef

Brian: Does green painters tape present ESD issues? What does your field meter show?

Masking tape

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 26 17:42:12 EST 2009 | ksrsr

We use tape and dots from Advanced Technology Supply. Website - http://www.ats24.com

Masking tape

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 05 17:49:57 EST 2009 | snsmt

i have been looking for masking tape as well. I just came across esdtapes.com and got a sample of one of there tapes "CM300." I tested a component by taping it completely off and submerging it in water, just to see if it will soak through. The resu

Masking tape

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 22 11:12:06 EST 2009 | davef

Conformal coating masking: Electronic equipment manufacturer's use conformal coating processes to protect printed circuit modules from moisture, fumes, rapid temperature changes and other environmental conditions. Typically, pressure sensitive tapes

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