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Letters to customers / suppliers

Sep 27, 2006 | Look at Documents: IPC-1751 Generic requirements for declaration process management IPC-1752 Materials declaration management Patrick


Feb 9, 2005 | 1. What is the method for declaration RoHS for material like IPA, FLux & Solder paste. 2. What is the allowable limit for RoHS compliance for the above material?


Jun 13, 2005 | Hi All, There are IPC drafts in circulation IPC-1751, Generic Requirements for Declaration Process Management and IPC-1752, Materials Declaration Management. To me it looks like the regulations become more tolerable towards lead in solder Lead in solder would make the boards still compliant under


Jun 16, 2005 | <1000 ppm lead in any homogenous material AND none intentionally added, just like the day it was passed. All IPC-1751 and 1752 are doing is trying to create a standard materials declaration form, so every vendor isn't filling out a different paper requrest for every customer. Lead in solder will never

REACH Requirements

Oct 27, 2011 | and consumables like solder )? Or is it much deeper than this? I assumed it was much deeper meaning I would need a materials declaration sheet or C of C from the actual supplier stating the supplied material meets REACH requirements. Once this document set is supplied do I need to supply it again if nothing

Engineering Change Notification - Required Timeline?

Apr 3, 2002 | Hi Guys, We have a customer who is requesting us to issue a document ECN (engineering change notification) record to them, IF we have any changes in : 1) direct materials used, 2) indirect materials used, 3) machine configuration, 4) change in SMT Line we run the product, 5) process flow changes : the customer has declared failure to notify them of any ECN change whatever so within 30-days advancement, will result in the customer possible exercise of their "right" to reject all Lots run under the period of time, that they were not "in the light" with regards to our "unauthorized" ECN changes... Anyone

Nozzle return

Aug 31, 2007 | You can declare it to be a "keyed" nozzle with orientation.


Feb 3, 1999 | that our software folks are finding some of our CAM software did not test compliant even though the vendor WEB sites declared it to be so.

Why So Many Repeat Messages?

Jul 26, 2001 | Ahem..... in my humble opinion, (whether it matters or not, depends on whether you are n'sync with me) I would be as so bold, to declare, the SMTnet server, keeps "handing" occasionally, during transmit of our respective thread postings.... sometimes, I hit "cancel", if the posting transmission

X-Out Board

Feb 16, 2012 | Dear all, Have anyone deal with X-Out boards? These defects are declared if one cavity or more from multi cavity boards are defective. There have been a request to use these boards in order to reduce the multi cavity board spoilage at supplier. How to manage these boards in production lines? My

Solder bath temperature

Jan 23, 2017 | there is working temperature at middle, solder alloy hasnt melted yet at ends. this becomes even bigger problem when pump is started, leading to mixing of different temperatures alloys and shutting down pump. model is EBSO SPA 400. heaters are declared as 400V 1400W. i have just bought it from Fix

Bad Buisness

Apr 17, 2002 | 's a tip : get the book "How to Drive the Competition Crazy, by author Guy Kawazaki". Hope the lessons revealed within Guy's book, can "wake up your F***ing idea" as our military drill instructor used to declare during our motivational exercises.

Component Package/Classification

Apr 21, 2005 | that out right declare it. For example, some old JEDEC Standards for ICs dictate inches, but newer ones for ICs, BGA and such clearly state only millimeters in the specifications (and don't even offer inch equivalents). 0603 (metric) is 0.6 X 0.3 millimeters and that converts to 0.024 x 0.012 inches

Dektec Soldering Gear

Aug 17, 2005 | . Wanna beat them: look at what they're doing and do it better (that's how they're doing it...) and don't say that's impossible, you'd be declaring yourself a sorry looser if you did. Face it, accept it and deal with it! (or be a redneck hardliner and don't buy anything that's completely or partly chinese

XRF absolute necessity??

Jan 25, 2006 | I agree Rob, The main thing is that you don't beleive everything without question. If you're sure the supplier knows what he's doing and you have a good relationship with him then a declaration should be OK. When doubt arises it is worth getting samples analysed. An XRF is a good piece

The story so far!

Dec 4, 2006 | or PBTs without a fight. 5) Lack of understanding from the official bodies implementing and policing this in the UK. 6) Complete mess made of exemptions & communicated poorly so no-one knows for sure if they are. 7) Manufacturers declaring that their parts are either compliant or exempt, but actually

QFN shape on Fuji Flexa for CP6

May 27, 2010 | to put Vision No 230 and declare elements with p_pattern 2 with Inspect whitout width (Result 9). Also I don't know if I could use front lighting for CP6 and which type of lighting use (front A, front B, frontAB.. etc). We have never placed BGAs before but I get this information from FujiFlexa Helper

Finishing myth ?

May 15, 1998 | 's sensibilities) not only because it is not flat, but because it often is not solderable. I wrote a "terriffic" (self declared) article (December 1992, I think, issue of Printed Circuit Fabrication Magazine) about all the problems associated with HASL. In it, as I remember - not having a copy anymore


Feb 4, 1999 | 'm hearing that our software folks are finding some of our CAM software did not test compliant even though the vendor WEB sites declared it to be so. | I tested my reflow ovens, screen printers, and pick and place equipment. My test method was to have my IS department run the Y2K test software

Solder Paste

Jul 30, 2001 | -picky customer, use a fine-tooth comb, to seperate my processes, into segment audit items, how do we assure the customer, that such paste has no potential reliability issue? *shhessshhhh.....where's that legal lawyer???* Been there, done that, am still opinionated, to declare, until some industrial guideline

Is Anyone?

Jul 31, 2002 | pull up it's roots, eliminate thousands of jobs, and declare that they are moving everything to China and nobody says a damn thing about it. Hey...if it means their stock can get back to 10 someday, that's all that matters right? This business philosophy must change or this country will be in serious

Pb % contaminant allowed in Pb/Free Solder

Nov 11, 2005 | : Korean Electronics Industry Declaration to Manufacture Environmentally Friendly Products, March 2004; Ministry of Environment has commissioned study of RoHS/WEEE regulations. * Taiwan: Green mark requirements tied to EU WEEE/RoHS. * Thailand: industry/government Thai RoHS Alliance, as a result of Sep. 04

Where to source SMD bulk cassettes?

Nov 8, 2012 | . We have declared our intention to extend this policy to companies in other countries as well. Building on the "Bulk Summit" conference in the U.S.A. in 1999, Murata has taken part in planning "Bulk Summit Japan" in 2000 and 2001. Furthermore, we have aggressively promoted the spread of bulk casing

CSM Philips v60 - problem with vision

Jul 25, 2013 | : 1. I made program only with one pick and place so not to take into account other coordinates 2. Declared tray as matrix 1x1 3. Checked origin 4. Checked machine coordinates X nad Y Soft Limits. I made experiment: 1. Coordinate pick and place the same, head number the same 2. Changed only

Alternative PCB Material

Jun 2, 2009 | Alternative PCB Material Adam, Look into Rogers materials, draw back to it is Price and lead time of material. Regards, boardhouse


Feb 4, 1999 | 'm hearing that our software folks are finding some of our CAM software did not test compliant even though the vendor WEB sites declared it to be so. | | | I tested my reflow ovens, screen printers, and pick and place equipment. My test method was to have my IS department run the Y2K test software


Feb 4, 1999 | hand I'm hearing that our software folks are finding some of our CAM software did not test compliant even though the vendor WEB sites declared it to be so. | | | | | | I tested my reflow ovens, screen printers, and pick and place equipment. My test method was to have my IS department run the Y2K


Feb 5, 1999 | hand I'm hearing that our software folks are finding some of our CAM software did not test compliant even though the vendor WEB sites declared it to be so. | | | | | | I tested my reflow ovens, screen printers, and pick and place equipment. My test method was to have my IS department run the Y2K

Preferred Materials

Jun 22, 2000 | Preferred Materials Lee: Here is two materials related questions: Taking a long term view, how are preferred materials selected from a design for the environmental perspective? What are the criteria for determining if a material is recyclable? Who does this?

PCB Material

Sep 13, 2000 | PCB Material My question is concerning a cheap PCB material. I have a sample with me and I have to quote on this product with the same PCB material. This material is not FR4 and the color is beige. I think CEM-1 material is beige too but I`m not sure. I`ve heard about a material called `` bakelite ``( I `m not sure of the spelling ). I did try to get information from PCB company from North east of USA, Canada and China and they don`t know about this product. What I want to know is : When you want to use a cheap material, what are you using ??? Bakelite, CEM... I need help about this Thank you Francois

Un-cured conformal coating

Oct 29, 2004 | Electrochemical migration under conformal coating: That's possible. Very few conformal coatings are water resistant. So, if you have ionic material on your board, standback. Uncured material under several IC: Materials like yours need moisture from the atmosphere to cure. So, when the material at the edges of the IC cure, the material under the IC virtually stops curing. It can take weeks for it to cure. Recognize that toluene is a mild health hazard.

Alternative PCB Material

Jun 6, 2009 | Alternative PCB Material If the concern is the increased moisture absorption associated with lead-free capable materials, you probably have the most experience with phenolic materials like Isola IS410 or 370HR. The best move would be to switch to an IPC 4101/99 or /124 material like FR406HR. We've tested these to have moisture absorption rates of less than 0.1%, as opposed to up to .45% seen in phenolic materials.

Crazing or Delam - Thermal or Mechanical?

Jun 25, 2009 | In the life of this product that you have been doing this process, has the material alway's been IT180 material? One problem with Lead free material is that it is more fragile that standard FR4 Epoxy laminate. And is known to have chipping or fracture issues due to the ceramic like nature of the material. Couple things to check: What pre-preg was used? example 7628 1 ply pre-preg or 1 ply? This could be more than a Board shop issue, Root problem could be product design, material selection, tolerance issue due to over or undersized hole verse tolerance issue on pem, pre-preg material past shelf life, poor temp control in pre-preg inventory room. Have your board supplier send you the material stack up used for the product, check this against customer Print to make sure correct stack up was used. Have them get Material supplier involved and have them check lot codes of material to make sure

screen printable masking material

Dec 14, 1999 | screen printable masking material Hello folks, Does anyone have any dealings with screen printable masking material? Thanks, Mike

materials and process selection

Jun 22, 2000 | materials and process selection What role does materials and process selection play in helping make products more environmentally friendly?

Polymide material PCB

Jan 25, 2005 | Polymide material PCB Are you soldering to polymide material or nickel tin ?

PCB Material

Feb 23, 2006 | PCB Material What PCB Material should we be using for RoHS/Lead Free Assembly?

thrown material


via capping

Jan 7, 2010 | What material is used to cap a via? Is it the standard LPI Process/Material?

FR-4 PCB Material Recycling?

Feb 20, 2012 | FR-4 PCB Material Recycling? If the FR-4 Material used for PCBs recyclable? If so, who is doing it?

UL approved material for staking capacitors on boards

Nov 4, 2016 | UL approved material for staking capacitors on boards It doesn't appear that the Bostik material has a UL listing.

soldering materials

May 13, 1999 | soldering materials I am trying to find information on soldering materials market ($),different fields soldering materials are used, prospects on market development,etc

screen printable masking material

Dec 14, 1999 | Re: screen printable masking material Hello Mike You'll have to be a bit more specific. Do you mean permanent solder mask like the normally green material or a temporary mask like the peelable/washable material? John Thorup

Laminate base material

Mar 26, 2000 | Laminate base material when would one use a difunctional base laminate material as a possed to a tetrafunctional base material? What possible problems are associated with each?

PCB laminate dielectric absorption

Dec 13, 2000 | The dielectic absorption characteristic of printed circuit board materials is usually not listed on the manufacturers spec. sheets. Can anyone point me in a direction to help determine which laminate materials might exhibit better dielectric absorption characteristics than say FR-4 material

SMT / WAVE solder carriers (pallets)

Mar 20, 2001 | I am looking to manufacture a 'custom' SMT carrier from a material which I believe is called Durastone, does anyone know where I can purchase a piece of this raw material, or indeed any other material which may solve this problem.


Oct 5, 2001 | It is a PCB material that has a woven glass / epoxy internal core and glass veil surface. It is in between the paper materials (FR1,FR2 and CEM1) and FR-4 as far as strength and cost. It is available in HiCTI material for high power applications.

PCB Technology

Jun 25, 2003 | HI all, Can anyone give me more information or good www for PCB Technology. I am interested in materials for PCB's materials for pads, methods for making PCB, advantages and disadvantiges of the materials, which are now the leading technologies and if there is some a comparison of the technologies

Polymide material PCB

Jan 21, 2005 | Polymide material PCB Hi Friends, I had a PCB with polymide material with nickle tin plating on it. I had real hard time to do hand solder. I am asking help if any one have any experience with polymide material.

Wave Soldering Process Training Material

Mar 25, 2005 | Wave Soldering Process Training Material I am looking for some basic material to train new technicians and Engineers on the wave soldering process. Does anyone know of any internet source where this material can be printed or downloaded from? Thanks for all the help.

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