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PCB Identification and Tracking

Electronics Forum | Mon May 05 22:24:17 EDT 2003 | jlipton

We are investigating a system, using 2-D matrix code, that will identify and track every PCB throughout our factory, starting from bare board. As a low-medium volume manufacturer, would labels or laser marking be more cost-effective? How difficult is

Re: Intelliplace and Europlacer

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 03 07:49:30 EST 1998 | Steve Sauer

Hi Scott, The only information that I have on the Intelliplace machine is that it is their own design unlike the other models (Casio) that they are licensed to sell. As for the other machine (Europlacer Progress 6), I have an extensive background wit

QFN's and LGA's

Electronics Forum | Tue May 26 14:39:40 EDT 2009 | boloxis

QFN or MLFs are mainstream now, QFNs already evloved to much more complex versions now like matrix pins, stacked dice and flipchip versions. IPC 610D already includes them, just make sure the pins have solder plating, the PWB pads have soldermask in

Recycle Matrix trays and Reels

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 21 11:19:42 EST 2002 | bmulcahy

Why not go back to your suppliers and see if they will take the reels for re-use ?

Recycle Matrix trays and Reels

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 20 15:25:05 EST 2002 | angiewest

Looking for a company to recycle plastic reel and I.C. tubes. I already recycle trays with Smart Cycle (formally Semicyle). I hate to throw that stuff away. The local recycling places only recycle plastic 1 and 2. Most of the reels are 3's.

BGA's and the Fuji IP2

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 14 05:37:17 EDT 2002 | johnw

Hi all bga placcement on an ip2 can is possible although as pointed out the x/y dimensionsof the part are used for placement I would suggest you arrange for your parts to be taped and reeled as this is the prefered way to go what size are the bga,s

samsung cp40cv handler error and vision error

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 18 09:49:43 EST 2019 | bobpan

This is going from my memory from a long time ago...but in the scp.ini file....there could be digital light control and/or a matrix tray handler setting. I would turn them off if they are on. I believe this has something to do with a system setting.

BGA: reworking BGAs, testing and inspection

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 12 11:45:14 EST 2010 | ppcbs

Greetings, > > We are looking to purchase > equipment to rework / repair our circuit boards > with BGAs. Our newer boards are starting to have > more and more BGAs. > > Is there any information > that "ranks" BGA rework stations? - a kind of a

Top camera inspection and side camera

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 02 10:26:13 EDT 2010 | fishingfool

Manjunath The top camera will be used for probably 90-95% of your inspection needs. However, without side cameras that 5-10% of uninspected parts can be a real pain to manually verify. What you need to figure out is what is your product to inspe

Matrix/Jedec tray changeover at pick and place surface mount.

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 12 13:03:18 EDT 2021 | cunningham

Afternoon all, Do you use any special surface other that ESD matting when changing over matrix trays? We currently use a earthed wire trolley that we keep trays and MSD bags on and when replenishing stock its carried out on the trolley. Does anyon

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