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Assembleon MC-5 ( YS12F )

Assembleon MC-5 ( YS12F )

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

MC5 (YS 12F Yamaha) 2009, about 500h Condition as new


Assembleon Philips MC-1 MC-3 MC-5 MC-8 8mm and 12/16mm intelligent feeder

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

Dear All, There are some brand new 8mm and 12/16mm SS type intelligent feeder for Assembleon Philips MC-1 MC-3 MC-5 MC-8 machine available for sale now. Feeder size: 12/16mm feeder Part Name: SS Intelligent Feeder. Part Number: KHJ-MC200-000 Fe

Shenzhen Yong Ping Electronic Limited Company

Fuji CP4,CP6, IP3 parts,

Used SMT Equipment | SMT Equipment

Fuji SP4,Cp6, Ip3 spare parts for sales... Part No. Description Qty. M/C 030E1 SOLENOID 030E1-DC24 5 IP3 A1022F KQN04-M5 6 IP3 A1040C FS2-62 2 IP3 A1067A FE7B-FDB6-M5 2 CP3-4 A1067A FE7B-FDB6-L5 2 CP3-4 A5161T O-RING 2 CP AQOH8011 JOINT ROTARY 2 I

ShenZhen SiMTai Electronics CO.,Ltd.

Fuji for sales...........

Used SMT Equipment | SMT Equipment

Many Fuji Sparr parts for sales.. No Part No. Description Qty. Machine 1 GPH4580 HOLDER 7 CP43 2 MPH0472 PISTON 19 CP43 3 GPL1200 PIN 8 CP43 4 S1046A CIR-CLIP WR19 10 CP43 5 PPQ1020 PIN,LOCATING 1 CP43 6 GXT2333 HOLDER,PIN 2 CP43 7 MPA5031 COLLAR 2 C

ShenZhen SiMTai Electronics CO.,Ltd.


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