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Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 21 02:58:33 EDT 2005 | ajay

we are using MCS30 for fuji line. Now monitor is giving some problem. we can not replace it with normal monitor. this monitor is with key board. any solution to connnect with normal monitor ? ajay


Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 22 11:06:12 EDT 2005 | smtsales

I have a software solution for using a standard pc to interface with your MCS30 if interested email me at smtsales@hotmail.com


Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 21 04:21:46 EDT 2005 | Rob

I'm sure there is also memory in the monitor.


Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 21 07:10:05 EDT 2005 | aj

Hi, Can you not source a replacement monitor?


Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 22 02:43:35 EDT 2005 | jgarver1

Which model of monitor do you have?


Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 22 03:41:55 EDT 2005 | ajay

Part no. CRX1500F.


Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 23 03:54:16 EDT 2005 | aj

If all else fails , I have a spare one . I bought it last year and if I can recoup 75% of the price I will be happy. in or around 150GBP. excluding carraige

CP6 & MCS30

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 03 00:56:23 EDT 2012 | mdang

Do anyone know the ID of CP6 machine in the MCS-30 software? Thanks, -Michael


Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 24 06:30:24 EDT 2013 | anilw2006

Which machine are you run on MCS30?

MCS30: how to transfer data from a windows PC ?

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 02 13:57:30 EDT 2007 | rodrigo

Hi all, We have an MCS30 connected to a CP6 and CP4 smt machines. Every time we need to set up a job, the operator has to type the data at the MCS30 terminal. We already have this data in a Windows PC file. I saw a ethernet and several unused serial

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