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White spots on PCB

Electronics Forum | Mon May 14 22:24:11 EDT 2001 | davef

The time over liquidous of the profile seems short. But then again, who knows? Based on what you told us, I'm guessing at a board fabrication problem, either measling or delamination. Probably the former, rather than the latter. [Now, we remember

Re: Missing SMT Chip Components

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 15 03:11:33 EDT 1999 | Charles Stringer

| | | Hi, | | | | | | Recently encountered missing components problem at the SMT process. | | | Among 13 chip components from the same part number mounted on the board, only 4 ( located in a same row and next to each other) were missing after post r

baking boards, revisited

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 04 11:34:42 EDT 2002 | Bob Willis

Some additional comments from a paper may be of interest. Baking Printed Circuit Boards - Why and How Baking printed boards prior to conventional and surface mount assembly should not be necessary. Often boards are baked for historical reasons; in


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