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Voiding measure

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 13 11:57:08 EDT 2016 | ahernand75

Guys I'm looking for a software on the web that I can use to do void measurements. I have x-ray images but unfortunately no software in the machine to be able to calculate void size. Thanks in advance for your support.

Voiding measure

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 09 05:58:58 EDT 2016 | jswatt

yoru x-ray supplier should be able to help however you can do a rough cut calculation byt just printing it out and measuring it, your interested in ration (%) of the void and where in the joint it is to tell you it it's really an issue. Also importan

Cost per placement measure

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 04 10:26:59 EDT 1999 | Morris

I am working on trying to define a cost per placement measure in our SMT assembly operations. Does anyone know where I might find a published industry average that we may compare to? I�ve heard it stated that an industry average is less than $0.01

Fuji PAM measure

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 16 02:36:07 EDT 2005 | Steve

We're in process of calculating Cp, Cpk for our CP machines. Does anyone know what we need to have to use Fuji PAM? Thanks Steve

Fuji PAM measure

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 16 14:48:36 EDT 2005 | fuji pam

If you would like to email me at sms8740@juno.com I have all the info you will need.

Fuji PAM measure

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 16 12:58:49 EDT 2005 | vikkaraja

Fuji sells a PAM kit. It includes all the needed things you will need to accomplish this. It has a reel of 1206 black colored chips, doule sided tape, PCB, flopy with PAM program , and a ram card for the particular machine. I hope it help you some. G

Fuji PAM measure

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 16 12:52:13 EDT 2005 | timekey

Steve- Depending on which Fuji model you have, Fuji PAM either needs to be purchased from Fuji or if you have a CP-7, CP-8 or NXT, Fuji PAM is already installed in the machine from the factory. The kit...if you are required to purchase it from Fuji i

Equipment to measure stencil tension

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 14:25:48 EDT 2011 | cyber_wolf

Please explain why you would want to measure stencil tension.

Equipment to measure stencil tension

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 17:32:52 EDT 2011 | kahrpr

I also was kind of wondering to why you need to measure stencil tension.

how to measure Adhesive strength

Electronics Forum | Mon May 11 12:15:46 EDT 2009 | jorge_quijano

Hi, I just want to know how to measure the strength of a 0603 after it's cured, we are using Heraeus PD944 with a 30-7 mils stencil, glue depositions looks well, but I don't know how to measure it? Thanks

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