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Paste height measurement equipment

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 25 22:24:42 EST 2017 | hemant_pang

Hi , Can anybody knows about PTS system Singapore who manufacturer of solder paste height inspection machine ZC 1000, we need control card of the machine, not able to get contact information of manufacturer Please share if you have some info

cpk measurement on fuji equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 04 14:59:29 EDT 2001 | johnw

Dave thanks for the info

cpk measurement on fuji equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 03 09:57:25 EDT 2001 | johnw

Hi guys I am looking for any info on cpk values IE fcp6, fip2,fip3 What are the variables to consider for placement times and part sizes. Cheers

cpk measurement on fuji equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 17 19:35:38 EDT 2001 | Anonymous

John, You realize the DT-651 machine from Fuji will allow you to do CP and CPk data as well as calibrate your feeders. Something to think about.

cpk measurement on fuji equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 04 12:22:07 EDT 2001 | davef

Several points: * Consider that your Cpk is probably different for both placing large and small components. * Probably your routine placement rate SB the speed you use to monitor the accuracy of your process. * Some people use a calibrated glass test

Cpk measurement

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 18 17:20:24 EDT 1998 | Dave

I am currently using some pick & place equipment and would like to measure their cpk using a glass plate and glass "components" with vernier scales. I have seen these kits but am trying to track a supplier down in UK/Europe. Any help is much apprecia

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 07 07:34:25 EDT 2001 | davef

No one wants to be limited to one alternative in evaluating such equipment. Who would you suggest as viable alternatives to: * Cyber Optics in evaluating alternate suppliers for inspection equipment? * Royce Instruments in evaluating alternate sup

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 09 20:40:48 EDT 2001 | davef

No one suggested that you speak for other suppliers and nor would they want� you �to speak for them." You shouldn�t make this something that it isn�t. All that was requested courteously was suggestions of alternate suppliers that could be considere

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 03 03:32:47 EDT 2001 | johnw

Franky, what method are you using for printing glue? metal stencil or plastic?, and is it on contact or off contact ? and what type of squeegee's are you using? basically give us more infomation. In term's of measuring height / volume, you can do t

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 05 07:46:24 EDT 2001 | george

Specifications of testing force are not fixed, but (incase of wave soldering) the value should be at least 120-150 % of the force the wave. So for small chip components we assume that the force from the wave on the component is about 3 Newton, this m

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