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coordinate measuring machines for phototool target measurement

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 04 15:38:15 EST 2000 | Chuck Lenfest

I'd like to hear from anyone who is using a vision system, or coordinate measuring machine to verify film target dimension on their phototools in printed circuit board manufacturing...

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 10 17:56:35 EDT 2001 | seand

Hello all, My respone here is to add options for evaluation for the engineer. Not to convey that they are the only options as that would be reckless. Cyberoptics does have a standard line of machines configured for in line paste inspection. Some

OEE measurement

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 14 06:37:11 EDT 2008 | johnjohn

Hi All, I am trying to work out the OEE of my NXT equipment to IPC. I am presently trying to work out what metrics I need can anyone help me with this. I think I need the following Machine rating IPC 70% of machine rating, cycle time, What I am tr

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 11 10:51:27 EDT 2001 | MikeF

Sean I have to agree with Dave on this issue. As a frequent reader of this forum I appreciate it when company reps clearly note their affiliation, but I like it much better when they are also willing to identify the companies they compete against, "o

OEE measurement

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 16 08:02:15 EDT 2008 | cyber_wolf

OEE is something that is difficult to project, because there are many factors that effect it. Component replenishment, change-over times, programming issues etc. I am sure the Fuji applications folks would be happy to figure out how many modules you

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 06 08:36:04 EDT 2001 | davef

Your point about thermosets getting soft in the preheater of the wave is well taken. But an adhesive that is used past its expiry or other up-front lack of process control represent 99 & 44/100 percent of the reason for �glued parts falling off in

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 05 16:05:58 EDT 2001 | seand

Hello everyone, Your chief variable here is going to be your epoxy. Different materials react accordingly to various inspection methods but, DEPENDING on your print parameters and material, you may be able to utilize an inline inspection machine.

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 05 07:46:24 EDT 2001 | george

Specifications of testing force are not fixed, but (incase of wave soldering) the value should be at least 120-150 % of the force the wave. So for small chip components we assume that the force from the wave on the component is about 3 Newton, this m

solder paste measurement machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 26 01:14:42 EDT 2007 | JJ

Hi all, We plan to buy solder paste height measurement machine. However, not sure which is the better one..2D or 3D? As far as I know,3D is quite slow and but more accurate in term of measurement result. Pls share with me if anyone who has this e

solder paste measurement machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 26 13:17:10 EDT 2007 | jerrysaise

�It adds NO VALUE whatsoever to do 3D inspection as part of in-line production.�

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