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Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 06 07:15:38 EST 2015 | saoasasd

Hi, I have faced some problems with DQFN PACKAGE 132 PIN. After some cross sections and dye pry analysis we could find a head on pillow situation always on inner row pads. The PCBAs are double side and the DQFNs are assembled on Bottom side (Noteboo

need 132-Pin DQFN foot print

Electronics Forum | Wed May 22 17:21:28 EDT 2019 | bakre

thanks the part name is MEC1322 and the PDF is attached if you can make the foot print please i need the 132 pin DQFN package, i am using Eagle .

Assembly knowledge DB management

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 20 03:24:44 EDT 2004 | michael

I'm looking for a system that will manage all the un-formal "know-how" of the differant processes (smt, prep., insertion, wave, mec.assy., etc., etc.) alog production/assembly line. Can some one direct me to such a system? Send some references? Any

Component ID Resources

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 19 23:53:04 EST 2007 | daxman

Hey Logan, This is an excellent resourse and should have pretty much everything you need. http://www.national.com/packaging/parts/MDIP.html#8 You get a list of a lot of different components and their pictures. You can view their dimensions and look

Printing On Aluminum

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 20 18:07:13 EDT 2003 | davef

If you desire fairly uniform paste deposits, consider dispensing your solder paste. Neither a screen, nor a stencil will conform to the rough surface commonly seen in cast aluminum blocks, as you mention. Just out of curiosity: * What flux type and

Printing paste through screen mesh versus stencil

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 05 19:45:33 EST 2004 | davef

Sure, here's one: Micro-Screen; 1106 S High St, South Bend, IN 46001; 574-232-4358 Fax: 574-234-7496; Cathy info@microscreen.org http://www.microscreen.org We list the following company in our notes, but have never used them: SEFAR AMERICA - MEC P

CP4 of death

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 15 19:11:53 EDT 2006 | daxman

If I've been clear, the parts become offset as the XY table moves around, without fiducial correction. It's when it does a fiducial correction that the placement is alright. If the placement is excellent, and I just zip the table around...load posit


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