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Fuji CP troubleshooting

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 10 17:00:56 EST 2005 | Johnw

you may have a servo reach pulse error go into mecha check and check zero dev

Fuji CP6 Y-axis placement problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 24 22:46:53 EDT 2008 | crashoveride

Don't try the mecha check yet unless you know how. have you checked the coupling shaft of Y-axis? If it's ok, take a look at the ball screw if it looks like being scratched or something unusual. Also, observe the movement of the machine if you hear a

Fuji CP6 Y-axis placement problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 20 07:58:12 EDT 2008 | cyber_wolf

#1Run a Fuji gold board and see if the problem persist. Is your board clamp slipping? Fid camera tight? etc.. To see if you have a Y axis positioning problem: 1.Put the machine in mecha check 2.Go into Y-axis 3.Place a dial indicator so that the st

Fuji IP3 Problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 23 14:44:07 EDT 2006 | johnw

They are various way to debug this problem, try booting into mecha check, The cpu wouldnt cause a vp error all that is related to the VP are 3 cards the gognex the vp card and the memry backup card. If this fails print out the trace machine code and

Fuji CP 65 FRQ Servo Overflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 02 18:44:43 EST 2018 | magergar

At boot there is an alarm that I can't get rid off Servo Alarm FRQ AXIS Servo Overflow I tried to calibrate it in mecha mode but the same error doesn't let me, it's there something I can do?

Fuji CP6-4000 vs. CP643

Electronics Forum | Sat May 16 07:53:57 EDT 2009 | peteralmendrala

although the cp643 is much upgraded and a little bit more complicated to those person whos luck of technical skills, i would still prefer to use this machines because it would give you more productivity than cp6400. on the mechanical aspec of these t


Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 24 22:01:06 EST 2013 | mdang

Hi, I bought a used FUJI CP65 machine and the machine is lockup in home. I boot the machine up with Mecha-check mode and can home all the axes except FRQ axis. I look at the Clutch Origin and Messh-check sensor amp is it display 1,2 E (Error I think)


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