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PCB bent due to mechanical force

Electronics Forum | Wed May 15 10:09:56 EDT 2019 | dhanish

Can we bent a PCB using mechanical force ?Will the PCB come back to original condition or it will be bent forever after the mechanical force is removed from the pcb?

PCB bent due to mechanical force

Electronics Forum | Wed May 15 18:23:43 EDT 2019 | dhanish

This issue is seen at mechanical process.The pcb is thin 32 mils.Can we bent it just by using mechanical force without the heat?or the pcb will break if the force is high instead of becoming bent at one corner..

Mechanical feeders vs Electronic Feeders

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 16 15:24:14 EDT 2020 | noTIME

I am trying to understand why most manufacturers don't offer mechanical feeders anymore? I find them easier to use, easier to maintain/fix. Most importantly they are A LOT cheaper! Electronic feeders are very expensive especially when you need 100

Printed Circuit Board Mechanical properties

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 28 07:07:52 EDT 2000 | David Smith

Can anybody help me with finding information on the mechanical properties of PCB materials, particularly with reference to vibration analyses. Thanks

Underfilled CSP mechanical test

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 15 05:08:52 EDT 2000 | Frank

Hi, all, does anyone know what mechanical test regime is used to qualify underfills for CSP use.

Re: Underfilled CSP mechanical test

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 16 08:36:25 EDT 2000 | Paul Houston

We typically use air to air thermal cyling for thermo-mechanical testing. However, you may also want to look at vibration and drop tests. Basically you use the same tests for underfilled CSP's as you would for regular CSP's Paul CBAR Lab

SMT Shields technology

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 24 08:42:44 EDT 1999 | Chaim Krief

I am looking for information about SMT shields thcnology. Thats include Diecasting, Laser Cutting, Photo- Etching, Mechanical Enclosures & Stamping. Shilds types : Mechanical Structure,Pick up options,plating etc.

Mechanical Assembly Standards?

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 24 05:27:39 EDT 2004 | MetalHead

Does anyone know of a Mechanical assembly standard which could be used in the production of telecoms cabinets, faceplate assy, etc similar to IPC for PCB assembly?

Electro-mechanical assembly specification?

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 26 13:28:50 EDT 2008 | qaman

I am new to the board so be gentle with me. There are standards such as IPC-610 for PCB assembly, IPC-600 for bare boards, etc. Is there a "standard" for electro-mechanical assembly? Is there an IPC standard or any other industry approved standard

Solder Joint Stress

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 02 12:14:09 EDT 2010 | smt_guy

what is the scenario? The more the solder joint the more capacitors are prone to mechanical stress or the lesser the more mechanical stress? what about uneven solder joint fillet? one side is 25% then other side is 75% or 100%? please put in your

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