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p1 pick and place mechatronic-systems

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 27 14:37:49 EDT 2009 | hcglitte

Has anyone any experience with pick and place machines from http://www.mechatronic-systems.com?

OT: HNC Mechantronics

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 20 07:51:59 EDT 2001 | darren jones

Hi All I am currently a maintence/process technician who is looking to forward his career into the engineering side of the industry. I will soon be starting a HNC mechatronics course (1 day a week) and wondered if any one knew of any sources of info

OT: HNC Mechantronics

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 05 10:25:07 EDT 2001 | martino

Its some years ago now but i completed an HND Mechanical Engineering with Mechatronics at Manchester Poly. Two of the lectuerers at the time published a text book, i later moved on to complete my degree at Newcastle Poly where this book was widely us

alignment requirements for 0.5mm pitch

Electronics Forum | Sun May 05 08:13:14 EDT 2002 | andysi

I am curreently in my final year of my HNC Mechatronics course. In the project section I am reviewing several screen printers for their suitability to run a new product containing 0.5mm pitch components. I would be interested in anyones opinion in

Quad Feeders performance improvement

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 11 11:28:43 EST 2013 | marcelorotofrance

yes, Bob, I agree about that. But I can't afford them by now. But the problem is that I had to reject almost the 50% of the feeders that came with the machine, because are useless even for 1206. I also work with a very old but faithfull Juki, with it

OT: HNC Mechantronics

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 01 09:42:42 EDT 2001 | ac

Darren , I done the HNC in Electrical & Electronic Engineering which was later changed to Mechatronics . The course itself will give you a good broad based grounding in all aspects of E&E Engineering . What you really need to back it up is good quali

AOI: Golden Board vs Algorithm Based

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 21 18:39:55 EST 2011 | khid

i've been in manufacturing for 15 yrs. I used AOI with match patter as well algorithm base in one machine. Easy to program, can built in global library based on your cspecs or part number use in the manufacturing line. ROI can be achieved in the shor

Programming for Pick & Place and AOI machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 04 10:09:47 EDT 2017 | ks0707

Good morning, I looked one cycle of programming of Koh Young 3D AOI machine first, and will do same thing for JUKI Pick & Place and Mechatronic 2D AOI machine soon. BTW, I found from User manual of Koh Young 3D AOI that it allowed Mento Export file


Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 21 08:56:38 EST 2017 | spoiltforchoice

.....cheaper than the big fish..... For Lowish volumes,as mentioned Autotronik/Borison is widely available and pretty competent. Evest make some really generic pick and place machines, they do the job but modern bells and whistles like smart feeders

Hardware Designing

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 27 03:52:56 EST 2019 | beulah5588

Hello, I'm a Mechatronics engineer.I'm working for in a electronics company. We got a new project based on hardware designing. We need the help of an electronics manufacturing company to complete this project. I have done a lot of research and found

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