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Use of acetone (67-64-1) in removing flux

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 23 17:56:31 EDT 2004 | Shean Dalton

Acetone is likely not compatible with several component types, the evaporation charactoristics are desirable. IPA is more compatible, though, may not solubilize the residues. Austin American Technology developed MegaSolv JB and MegaSolv NOC for the

Earth Friendly Cleaning Chemical

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 23 02:56:14 EST 2004 | Steve Stach

Are you aware of Austin American Technology's "Mega" process. It combines MegaSolv chemistry with the Mega II cleaning system. MegaSolv is a single non-aqueous solvent which is deionized by the Mega thru a special solvent compatible mixed bed on-bo

Re: Cleaning solvent for missprinted PCB (paste & Glue)

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 07 18:05:40 EDT 1998 | Roxanne Picou

| Looking for Cleaning solvent to claen missprinted PCB, that will be good for paste (CS) and glue (PS). | One that is easy to evaporate with out leaving | white powder around component leads on CS (when cleaning PS) Solder paste cleaning can be acc


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