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Re: BGA assembly and inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 07 15:24:29 EDT 2000 | Murad Kurwa

Steven, Try http://www.document-center.com/home. You will find various standards for BGAs freely-available but not for free. BTW, I have never seen a BGA underfilled. Only FC and CSPs. The standards available will explain when to.....High CTE delta

Re: Ionic testing and No-Clean flux

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 07 13:20:03 EST 2000 | Dave F

Graham STOP!!! You can not be totally serious. A five year old cost model counts bean, and beans are beans. I have to know more about the calculation. If this bores some of your gear-heads, click on "return." � Help me with the terms: - "Ops cos


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