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Fuji Feeder Pitch

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 29 09:45:04 EDT 2005 | aj

I do not think you can modify a 8*4 feeder to 8*2. Suppliers make a hell of a lot of money out of feeders so I would say they have that one covered. I think you will have to bite the bullet and buy 8*2 feeders. If you find out that you can modify

Alternatives to v-score or mouse-bites?

Electronics Forum | Mon May 03 15:16:01 EDT 2021 | capse

Thin FR4 can be routed with a CO2 laser with high quality results, the edge is precise and free of slag. The process is extremely low stress. If the edges are straight you can consider sawing. 0.4mm (0.016") FR4 can be laser routed and sawn at spee

First Article Inspection, Lower End AOI

Electronics Forum | Tue May 17 16:10:35 EDT 2011 | bandjwet

Our shop builds lowere qty (2-40 pcs) high complexity electronics. When we get in to bd counts greater than 10 pcs with a high number of placements (3-4K) missings and polarity are issues that bite us. We have looked at different simpler scanner type

MYDATA Myspeed software is total junk

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 14 00:14:48 EST 2005 | fastek

Grant- Ask yourself this question: Can your company afford to spend $350K on the best line possible? Because that is what it will cost you to get in to a used CP-643 and GSM-2 line. Bite off on that and your world will become rosy again. Buy those t

Re: depaneling machines

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 22 12:21:51 EST 1999 | Dave F

Jake: This'll get you started: 1 Read the archives 2 primary approaches to paneling are; * Moise bites * Singulation * Routing * Scoring * Shearing 3 Major depaneling technologies are: * Singulation (Wand 708.459.2400fax2421, Circuit Technolo

What size panels for chain oven

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 23 02:16:52 EDT 2022 | poly

Is there are reason for going for larger (or smaller) boards when designing panels for use with a chain conveyor oven? My panels range from 0.6mm 2 layer (for touch with hatched ground) to 1.6mm 4 layer. I'm planning to go for smaller panels to reduc

Double Sided Reflow - Low Melting Point Solders

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 03 01:35:31 EDT 2006 | darby

I have a less than perfectly designed pcb requiring double sided lead free reflow. Several components from either side will detatch using the standard process. If I was using Sn63Pb37 I would just dispense some adhesive after paste and cure at the r

Re: Wave Solder Fixtures: Biting the dust FAST!

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 15 10:43:25 EDT 1998 | dave c

| Dave, | Sounds like you have material issues. Been there, done that. Tried 'em all. The best, longest lasting material I've found is called Durostone. It's made by a Roeschling, and most of the big fixture cutting houses now offer it as an option

Re: Depanelization of PCBs

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 22 21:31:43 EDT 1998 | Dave F

| Dear collegues, | I like to have your comments/ experience with various methods of depanelization like routing, scoring, cutting etc. | Any feed back on the equipment used with company addresses will be highly appreciated. | Please identify if pos

Palladium silver surface finish

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 13 16:54:20 EDT 2004 | davef

If the terminations on your components are not barrier plated, you must be very careful about the amount of time you stay above liquidous. As you'd expect, longer is not better. The longer you stay at liquidous, the more of the component terminatio

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