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Faulty CPU Board - Can it be Repaired

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 17 08:36:15 EDT 2011 | rway

It's unlikely that this is the root cause. The battery may be dead, but the entire board is dead. This battery is most likely used for data retention for volatile memory as a battery backup.

Anyone experianced with FUJI PCMCIA Flash Memory cards

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 01 16:56:46 EST 2022 | rstellema

Hello all, I have a couple of old FUJI CP-6 SMT placement machines that are operating with very old PCMCIA Flash Memory cards. I would like to insure that I have back-ups should the memory cards fail. I assume that I would need a support USB reader/w

CP4 jerks all axis after power up and reset sw...

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 17 13:07:17 EDT 2012 | rodrigo

Well... after much headache I found a bad relay contact in M1CR1E. The good news is somehow the axis are no longer jerking. The bad news is that it still does not work. When I turn it on now it shows this: emergency stop (in red) waiting for reset

Director Fuji Flexa + CP4

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 18 00:35:13 EDT 2012 | fujiphil

If you have the backup files for your program and proper. Try to flush-out the machine memory. Then try again to report CP4 to flexa. If the reporting went good, the communication must be ok. Resend the proper and program.

Amistar / Tenryu MT5800VL

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 09 17:34:16 EDT 2013 | hsielemann

I am looking for anything about the Amistar / Tenryu MT5800VL. Manuals, schematics, add-ons, software or even contact information about people who might have something. Thanks! *** Update 22.08.2013 I got the maintenance manual, parts list for the

Topaz-X Software

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 03 20:23:44 EDT 2024 | lremme

I tried to clone my cfi-128 flash memory card, but can't get it to boot. I am concerned because I have no backup if the original Flash card stops working. Does anybody have a flash card with Topaz-x VIOS and (MSDOS 6.2) preloaded? I would be looking


Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 08 02:05:19 EDT 2003 | CALVERA

Hello Terry, Thank you for reply. Data what we lost are in the memory. Unfortunately we bought second hand machine and for this machine was include only system disk. Around my country region is support from PANASONIC quite far way and not so flexible

Quad 4C completely hangs on power up

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 02 04:56:38 EST 2014 | bobpan

Here is a couple of things to look at: 1. Make sure the boards are plugged into the correct position. Also just leave out the transport card to see if its hanging up the machine. The transport board should be the board all the way to the right. 2. M

Re: Wave Rider

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 04 11:32:59 EST 1999 | Chrys

| Anyone have any experience with ECD's Waverider/MOLE profiling equipment? If so, were they positive experiences? | I use ECD's mole for profiling in the wave and a KIC for profiling in reflow. I like the KIC a whole lot better for a couple of re

MOLE's Oven rider

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 04 22:59:23 EST 1999 | Kris Ewen

I'd like to add something about the ECD product. During a past work term (I'm a a co-op student) in an SMA plant, I worked extensively with the Super MOLE Gold in developing the reflow profiles for high-mix, low-volume production. I was 'married' t


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