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mems technology

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 15 18:33:43 EDT 2001 | JoAnn

The SMTA will be holding a MEMS session at SMTA International in the fall. Please visit http://www.smta.org/smtai and click Special Events. The Emerging Technologies Summit will offer some very good papers on MEMS.

mems technology

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 26 12:48:10 EDT 2001 | nifhail

Can someone tell me what is the " mems " stands for ? What is it ? what is the benefit ? who is currently using it and whatkind of problem can we expect? special machine needed ? pls help. thx

mems technology

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 26 13:26:04 EDT 2001 | caldon

For information you can Check our web site http://www.empf.org and look under EMPFASIS. Also, Go to the Sandia web site at http://mems.sandia.gov/scripts/index.asp Caldon W. Driscoll ACI USA 610-362-1200 cdriscoll@aciusa.org

MEM's style packaging

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 04 15:14:19 EST 2000 | JDobos

Would like to make discuss the nature of MEM's style packaging with someone with experience in this area.

MEMS Microphone Surface Mount

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 06 16:24:49 EST 2014 | dustind

Haha thanks!

Cleaning PCBs with a MEMS microphone on it

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 02 10:52:18 EDT 2023 | dontfeedphils

Can you install the part post-smt with no clean flux?


Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 14 07:27:06 EDT 2014 | sherine

Hello,my question as below: 1. If the component is black color but the color of PCB is dark green. It seem no different in color between it. Any suitable algorithm can be used on it? 2. Algorithm Mem1-Mem2 make many false error and affect the First P

MEMS Microphone Surface Mount

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 03 22:38:39 EST 2014 | dustind

Hi there! I'm an engineering student from Toronto, ON looking for someone to mount a MEMS microphone for me for a school design project. Trouble is, I need a reflow oven for the proper surface mount and my university doesn't have access to one. K

Critical processes identification

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 26 16:33:45 EDT 2001 | davef

Your first inclination is correct. You should start by asking your friends and colleagues on SMTnet: * What is that SMT or MEMS or COB etc.? * What are the considerations when processing a SMT or MEMS or COB etc.? We�re one smart crew that won�t st

Cleaning PCBs with a MEMS microphone on it

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 01 23:46:24 EDT 2023 | seonr

Hey folks, I have a few designs that I'm using a MEMS I2S microphone on, and the PCBs have to be cleaned as I use water based SAC305 - but the supplier states to NOT ultrasonically clean their microphones. Has anyone here been through the process of

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