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Electronics Forum | Fri May 11 16:06:09 EDT 2018 | aj

answers: The software on these machines is kinda flakey and the manuals are almost useless. There are a lot of bugs in the vision software that bite you. I supported mirea/meridian equipment at a past job and my memory is a bit fuzzy, but here are

Meridian/Mirae MPS-1025

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 05 08:47:32 EST 2004 | Ian White

Hi I work for tyco in Uk and have worked with Both 1030 and 1025 machines. The 1025 is the latest version of Mirae machines and the main diffeerence is that the machine is supplied with Linear Motors providing faster X,Y movement and more repeatable

Meridian 1020P servo wont start

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 09 12:00:25 EDT 2014 | bobpan

You have a rather old machine that you are running....now realizing this you need to check some things. 1. Clean the scales in the x and y direction. On some of the encoders there is an led to see if its reading correctly....Usually it turns green b


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