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SMT Rework for metal core PCB's

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 03 11:01:19 EST 2012 | julie331975

We are working with .065" thick metal core PCB's. I have a couple boards that are in need of rework. The components we are placing are similar to a SOJ package with a solder pad underneath the component. We are also using a lead free process. I have

SMT Rework for metal core PCB's

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 05 10:56:49 EST 2012 | davef

The high thermal mass of metal core boards makes them difficult to heat with hot air convection heating or IR. So, edge heaters are used for effective heating of heavy core circuit boards. Hakko and VJ Electronix offer edge heaters. We imagine othe

SMT Rework for metal core PCB's

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 03 11:30:13 EST 2012 | ppcbs

Try using Chip Quik to reduce the heat required for component removal. Along with your bottom pre-heater, use a temperature controlled hot air system to help heat up top side for component installation. http://www.pcb-repair.com/products.htm

Metal core PCBs

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 29 18:31:25 EST 1999 | al abalos

I'm looking for information on assembly, manufacturing, and reliability of PCBs made with a metal core.

Re: Metal core PCBs

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 07 09:28:56 EST 1999 | Huw

I've designed several boards with metal cores, what do you want to know ?

metal core/clad pcb

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 12 14:17:19 EDT 2010 | mikesewell

You might reduce your panel size, cut it in half and rotate to better utilize your edge clamping/board supports. Tape off your current stencil and see if it improves the print. A new stencil and a little extra handling may be cheaper than tooling.

metal core/clad pcb

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 11 18:35:17 EDT 2010 | julie1

Anyone work with or have knowledge about metal core/clad boards? The board I'm working with is approximately 2" X 3/4" aluminum core pcb, in a 56 up array. There are 3 LED placements per board. I'm having trouble getting a consistent screen print.

metal core/clad pcb

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 12 11:00:42 EDT 2010 | hegemon

Without seeing a picture, my first instinct would be first and foremost some fixturing that provides full support for your print process. After that, since you are citing bow and twist, consider that the fixturing might as well travel through the ov

Solder Wave

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 11 16:24:16 EDT 2005 | Sue PH

The soldering handbook that I use gives a 'rule of thumb' for best preheat temps for wave soldering. For multilayer brds that are metal core it suggests 110 to 130 degrees C topside temp to get the best solder fillet. We do a lot of multilayer meta

Re: flow thru

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 01 17:13:37 EST 1999 | Mark W.

Jason, What is the revision of IPC you are referring too?? IPC 610 rev. b requires 75% fill on classes 2 & 3. Class 2 does allow the exception of 50% fill if the PCB has a Metal Core or Thermal/Heatsink Plane provided that the solder extends 360 de

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