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Resistors metallization problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 06 07:15:14 EDT 2012 | reypal

Hi to everyone in this forum. I came across this problem recently. Im not sure how it started and its rootcause. The chip resistor termination has been peeled off. Thanks in advance for all your advise.

Resistors metallization problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 06 16:47:41 EDT 2012 | duchoang

Can you give more info: - Hand-soldered? Placed by Pick&Place machine? What kind of SMT machine? - Oven re-flowed? Temperature? - Any physical impact?

Resistors metallization problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 07 01:19:49 EDT 2012 | reypal

Thanks DucHoang, More input: 1. Tin/Lead s.paste on Pbfree component 2. Machine pick and place 3. Reflowed@ 210-230C peak @ around 15sec. 4. Boards are subjected to washing process 5. This issue can be seen after washing process. Do you think it

Used solder paste removal

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 07 14:52:09 EST 2003 | caldon

Any company reclaiming desired metals will be interested. Some of the companies also take used PCB's for the metal content. It is not very profitable but does help. Metal reclaim companies can be found on the net. One company that might be interested

Solder flux paste for Luxeon emitters

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 18 16:30:30 EST 2006 | davef

380SR-flux gel is sold by Cobar. Look here: http://www.lumileds.com/pdfs/AB10.PDF This application note suggests: * �#1;Metals 390DH4 * �#1;Metals LR735 * �#1;Metals NS4029 * ESP 6#1;412 * Cobar 380SR#1;flux gel Comments are: * "�#1;Metals" is "A

non-metal stencil

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 25 16:22:10 EDT 2000 | bill yates

Does anyone know of a company {may be Canadian} that makes stencils from a non-metal material?

Metal core PCBs

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 29 18:31:25 EST 1999 | al abalos

I'm looking for information on assembly, manufacturing, and reliability of PCBs made with a metal core.

Re: Metal core PCBs

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 07 09:28:56 EST 1999 | Huw

I've designed several boards with metal cores, what do you want to know ?

Re: DI Water Tarnish On Metal Parts

Electronics Forum | Wed May 20 15:22:13 EDT 1998 | Chris Fontaine

How about masking the metal surfaces with Kapton tape?

Need Metal Baking Tubes

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 27 16:45:22 EDT 1998 | Eric Jenkins

Need a resource for metal tubes to bake moisture sensitive devices. Eric Jenkins

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