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What is the best soldering gun?

Aug 3, 2019 | I own a metcal for the high precision work 1500$ in 1992 tips $60 in 1992 and have only used one ti

What is the best soldering gun?

Aug 2, 2019 | Personally I'd take a Metcal MX500 over a 130W JBC every day, and we had hundreds at the last place.

What is the best soldering gun?

Aug 2, 2019 | Metcal? Really? I tried them, and found them to be lacking in ability for my needs. Soldering anythi

Metcal CV-5210

Apr 5, 2019 |

Metcal CV-5210

Apr 5, 2019 | We evaluated the Metcal CV-5210 and found that while it is a solid iron, the "Connection Validation"

Metcal CV-5210

Apr 4, 2019 |

Metcal CV-5210

Apr 3, 2019 | Hey, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with the Metcal CV-5210 soldering iron and if so how

Metcal BGA-1 3101 / 3500 series

Mar 23, 2018 | Hi, i looking software for Metcal BGA-1 3101 / 3500 series station. I cannot find software and su

Metcal Tip Expected Tip life STTC-837

Dec 21, 2015 | We are using Metcal STTC-8xx series tips. One thing that makes a huge difference on tip life is wha

Metcal Tip Expected Tip life STTC-837

Dec 21, 2015 | Calling all Metcal users.... I am trying to get an idea of the expected tip life of a given Metca

Metcal VPI1000

May 14, 2015 |

Metcal VPI1000

May 9, 2015 | Hi, I've bought a camera for video inspection ,Metcal VPI 1000 model. Price was reasonable. Unfortu

BGA epoxy removal

Mar 24, 2015 |

Solder Stations that meet J-STD-001 Rev E

Nov 15, 2011 | Can anyone tell me if the Metcal SP200 solder station meets the J-STD-001 Rev E requirement of holdi

Rework Stations

Oct 4, 2008 |

Rework Stations

Oct 3, 2008 |

Rework Stations

Oct 1, 2008 |

QFN32 rework

May 13, 2008 | A forced air rework tool, such as those offered by Metcal and Hakko, is used to heat all sides of th

Good Lead-Free soldering Iron???

May 8, 2008 | Take a look at Pace and Metcal both have quick recovery irons that are good for lead free applicatio

Good Lead-Free soldering Iron???

May 2, 2008 | Has anyone tried a PS-800E made by OKi Metcal? I have been looking at them, it looks like a good Ir

Need a good rework station for connectors

Dec 17, 2007 | We have an outdated Metcal rework station and are thinking about purchasing a new one. We need somet


Apr 25, 2007 | Can you still get parts for the Metcal 3591? How much did these cost new?

Starting SMT home company.

Mar 30, 2007 | I'm with you on the Metcals, however, you will need very deep pockets for the tips.


Mar 29, 2007 | My four favorite machines in order: 1) Metcal 3591 2) PDR IR-3200 3) PMT B-series 4)

Soldering Iron Questions

Nov 3, 2006 | The temp your iron is set at is somewhat irrelevant, it is the temp at the tip right? We use metcal

Custom Rework Nozzles FAST

Sep 25, 2006 | Does anyone know of a fast delivery (days not weeks) VJT or Metcal rework nozzle vendor that they ca

SMD / BGA Rework

Aug 14, 2006 | I have used Martin, Metcal and Ersa. I would go with the Metcal. i thnk you get the most bang fo

SMD / BGA Rework

Aug 1, 2006 |

BGA Rework Equipment

Mar 8, 2006 |

BGA Rework Equipment

Mar 6, 2006 | Just be Careful! We had purchased a Metcal VPI-1000 endoscope. When we began to have problems wit

Nozzles for OK Industries FCR 2000 Series

Feb 21, 2006 | So am I. Have been for about 3 years. Metcal won't make the custom nozzles any more so even the cost

BGA inspection microscope

Dec 12, 2005 | Bought the Metcal scope. Rarely use it. Never have any issues with BGA. Prove out your process and u


Oct 24, 2005 | Hi Jerome, You may also want to consider APR-5000 from Metcal. Capability and price is very reaso

Hot air, hand held rework stations for Pb free production

Sep 8, 2005 | Danotherms for hot air rework & Metcal MX500's for irons = very happy staff (& very unhappy account

Fine Pitch Rework

Aug 24, 2005 | I've used METCAL for years for work such as you have. The base can be a bit expensive, but the numbe

BGA Rework Equipment

Jul 29, 2005 | Has anyone done a comparison between the newer Metcal APR-5000 BGA rework and Airvac DRS24? Were

Lead-Free SMD repair

May 26, 2005 | I beg to differ but the old metcals do handle lead free with no problems - Unless we have a rogue ba

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Metcal soldering rework