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PCB Handling Carts

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 09 16:38:17 EST 2001 | larryk

PK11, Metro- http://www.metro.com Fancort- http://www.fancort.com Larry

Through-hole/SM mix

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 13 16:42:35 EDT 2001 | kenbliss

I agree with EMC based on what you described, and they build good pallets along with a few others, a small word of caution is that pallets are bit expensive typically several hundred dollars or more each. So if you find that is the road you go, be s

Assembly/wave carts

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 08 13:51:59 EST 2012 | kkay

We are looking for new carts to hold our boards with loose parts prior to wave. We do not like the fancort or metro carts and were wondering if there are any recommendations out there? Thanks!

ESD Shelving

Electronics Forum | Tue May 04 14:18:23 EDT 2021 | charliedci

The fact that it is plastic means it is probably a static generator, which is a bad thing. It also being plastic means it cannot be grounded. We use Metro carts (see pic) with each shelf wired to the next and cart dragging a chain across ESD waxed fl

component reels storage

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 26 09:29:25 EST 2005 | davef

Try: * Bliss Industries [ http://www.bliss-industries ]. Ken Bliss in an invenerate poster here, but he's probably just getting feet back on the ground after APEX. * Metro-style carts that an earlier poster mentioned. Here's another source: http://


Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 03 11:37:32 EDT 2012 | dyoungquist

Does anyone know of a stencil rack supplier besides Bliss? Bliss makes high quality, very strong racks but one ends up paying big $$$ for them as well. Metro Cart used to make a stencil rack of acceptable quality at about half the price of Bliss but

SMT Production Work Cart

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 23:30:02 EDT 2001 | fastek

Not exactly sure what your specific requirements are but I am in the process of clearing out a major OEM's SMT facility. Lots and lots of general production equipment is available such as stencil carts, production benches (with and without lights and

SMT info

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 13 16:30:10 EDT 2001 | kenbliss

Another place to get a lot of info on the handling process of SMT is at http://www.blissindustries.com and click on Bliss University. We have created this section of our site for people to learn new ideas and methods of the handling process of a car

broken boards

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 24 11:18:01 EDT 2002 | kenbliss

I am not sure about the way the board is made, but I am sure that if you change your handling system to a tray based board handling system you will reduce these problems to a manageable level. Tray carts and trays are clearly the industry standard m

ESD protection

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 19 00:07:10 EDT 2002 | kenbliss

arzucom, have you considered using trays to handle your boards in process and your handbuilds. This method is fast becoming the industry standard method for a large variety of reasons, specifically ESD as when the boards are in the tray your people

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