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XP242 MFU bypass

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 10 15:32:54 EST 2008 | jdengler

A long time ago, in a place far, far away, I would test Fuji IP machines without the MFU's installed. They have a mechanical switch on the machine so it knows when a MFU is present. But what normally catches everyone is that the locking air cylin

XP242 MFU bypass

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 13 12:22:08 EST 2008 | grantp

Hi, We setup our XP242 with the MFU still in the machine, and can you just do that? Grant

IP3 MFU Y adjustment

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 27 10:31:59 EST 2015 | mdang

We bought a use IP3 and we want to make adjustment in Y direction of the MFU. Is this proper setting or Mechanical calibration? Thanks, -Michael

XP242 MFU bypass

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 10 15:06:50 EST 2008 | mmjm_1099

Hello all, Long time no talk. We just happen to pickup a XP242 the other month and like it so far. Well we have a question for you XP users or anyone that can help. There is a MFU on the XP and I was wondering when the operators pull it out for setup

Hover Davis Feeders

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 03 13:40:35 EST 2005 | cyber_wolf

Has anyone ever had problems with Hover Davis feeders blowing up IC's on the main board of the MFU's ?

XP242 MFU bypass

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 14 07:52:32 EST 2008 | mmjm_1099

Yes we could but more room and chance of machine not going into error while on bypass and running.

IP3 MFU Y adjustment

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 28 09:41:37 EST 2015 | mdang

Thanks, -Michael

Re: BGA on Fuji IP2 Tray MFU

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 04 10:20:52 EDT 2000 | JOHN

Hi A better method wolud be to use a belt feeder the reason being the vibratory feeders tend to blow mfu signal ports I believe you can retrofit your machine to take the BGA also if the bga has no matrix pattern in the centre there is no re

IP3 NG Parts Discard Conveyor

Electronics Forum | Fri May 02 16:23:06 EDT 2014 | jimmyboz

Bits 0-3, no, Bit 4, MFU2 with error parts conveyor for camera 12, Bit 5,MFU1 with error parts conveyor for camera 12. The other guy is also correct, where to discard a component is in the part data. Still checking, please reply quickly if you solve

FUJI IP3 MFU1 no power

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 19 12:22:52 EST 2015 | dman97

Hi there. I have an IP3 machine that refuses to power up the MFU cart on side 1. I have already replaced the I/O card but still no dice. Is there a relay or fuse that I need to check to get this to power up? The machine will not operate the camera

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