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and connection

Electronics Forum | Sun May 22 23:31:51 EDT 2005 | thaqalain

If 1 & 2 are low, then 3 will be low: *Always *Sometime *Never

and connection

Electronics Forum | Mon May 23 08:34:20 EDT 2005 | davef


and connection

Electronics Forum | Mon May 23 09:15:09 EDT 2005 | dougt

And Gate If one/both inputs are low, output will be low If both inputs are high, output will be high

0201 and uBGA

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 05 21:33:12 EDT 2002 | davef

Tough to say based on what you have told us. Things to Determine are: * Is the heat at the solder connections that are not reflowing properly adequate? * Is the pad surface of the solder connections that are not reflowing properly solderable?

0201 and uBGA

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 25 13:38:35 EDT 2002 | finepitch

Yannick, If we leave the 201 issue aside; have you checked where those BGA pads are connected to? Could those be power/ground balls connected to large (difficult to heat up) planes by any chance? Erhan

Circuit cam and mydata

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 27 12:46:23 EDT 2020 | unisoft

Unisoft has been import gerber only for years to setup assembly, aoi machines, etc. *** Help for Importing GERBER only files for used in programming Assembly, AOI, Test, Selective Soldering machines (X/Y Center, Rot, Part#). Also allows you to cre

Assembleon MG-1 and ATS

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 10 20:52:57 EST 2022 | compit

I have Emerald-X with Double Shuttle Tray Feeder. Can it be connected (DSTF, probably PA 2699/22) to the MG-1?

via tenting and pluging

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 03 02:32:56 EST 2006 | shivam

HI ALL, can anybody clear me what is via tenting and via pluging?? second one, if i use via in pad for an.5mm bga what care i should taken, what should be the soldermask open in top and innerlayers for via?how it will directly connect to top layer

Dye and Pry

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 12 23:00:10 EDT 2008 | davef

You can say: The pad was lifted after reflow and prior to the dye and pry failure analysis. When we see lifted pads, we think: * That's a good solder connection * Either it took a lot of force to lift that pad or the fabrication of the board in the

Dye and Pry

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 14 11:25:02 EDT 2008 | hegemon

ol' hege has got to agree with Chunks and Dave. Seems every time there is a problem, the finger is first pointed at the process. For my $.02 it doesn't matter if your process is 100% bulletproof, procurement will screw it up by finding a vendor that

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