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detecting BGA micro cracks

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 08 14:32:01 EST 2010 | davef

We believe that neither xray nor SAM will provide satisfactory results and that sectioning throughout the process will provide conclusive information.

detecting BGA micro cracks

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 08 16:11:10 EST 2010 | glennster

Dave, I agree totally, but dye-and-pry should also be part of the evaluation. Glenn Robertson Process Sciences Inc

detecting BGA micro cracks

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 08 17:11:34 EST 2010 | woodsmt

Thanks Dave and Glenn, I have setteled on Dye for the destuctive checks, and was thinking about impedence testing at intervals during ESS. Based on the research I have been doing the last several days, this seems like a method that should identify

detecting BGA micro cracks

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 08 20:09:49 EST 2010 | davef

Woody: Consider using test BGA with no chip in, but daisy chains that you can monitor. After soldering, run environmental tests and follow with electrical tests to determine if the product concept is good enough.

detecting BGA micro cracks

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 08 23:44:31 EST 2010 | glennster

Woody, Daisy chain packages are definitely needed, but if you can get packages with a dummy chip inside these will provide a more accurate simulation of working components. If possible, continuous monitoring of resistance during the test will be

detecting BGA micro cracks

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 10 12:15:40 EST 2010 | woodsmt

Daisy chained parts and impedence testing were my original reccomendation. Unfourtuantely I can not get the resources for this testing.

detecting BGA micro cracks

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 08 09:03:49 EST 2010 | woodsmt

Looking for methods for detecting BGA microcracks without cross sectioning. Currently evaluating a new package and will be putting together a thermal stress eval. We would like to perform intermediate inspections for cracks. Once all cycles are don

detecting BGA micro cracks

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 11 08:14:41 EST 2010 | scottp

It's OK to have the daisychain done in the interposer rather than the die (and a lot cheaper) but in thermal cycling the parts MUST have representative die. That's where a large part of the CTE mismatch comes from to cause fatigue damage. Thermal c

Advice on Philips Acm micro

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 21 09:49:42 EDT 2011 | bwjm

Hi all, need help on getting a pick and place. i am think of getting used Philips Acm Micro. Is this machine user friendly and easy to program? This is my first time purchasing P&P. I have very limited budget and i saw some of these going off at USD$

Production Management for micro small firms

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 28 09:31:05 EDT 2014 | spoiltforchoice

or QCadoo, xTuple, the list goes on.

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